Which Banjo Do I Need?

Hey Guys

I need to buy a Banjo Bolt w/ Built-in Pressure Switch. Which one do I need?

I plan to get it from Here

Let me know.



Well it looks like I can answer my own question.

Baja Design's website says I need This

and after calling and talking with them I have confirmed that is what I need

However I am still left wondering what is the Difference betweent Single and Double Bleed?

I guess ill answer my own question again:

Single Bleed is one whole in the banjo bolt and Double is two holes.

If your looking for a brake switch and you want the Baja Designs one then you can order it from oemcycle using part number 05-9069

This case is closed :thumbsup:

Banjo bolt, not banjo? Sorry, I thought this was going somewhere else.


I saw the title to this thread and I thought about the dueling banjos from deliverence. :smirk:

Thanks for the info Aaron. This will come in handy later :thumbsup:

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