Would this make sense?

I've noticed that there's a DB Dawg for the newer style mechanical silencer on the 450F.

Would it plug up the bike too much? Any difference to the power output? How much quieter would the already quiet YZF become?

I'm looking at possibly getting either an '08 or '09 YZ450F and I do like the idea of slightly de-tuning the bike a little, but I really like the idea of running a quiet bike.

Over here in the UK, many clubs - Enduro, Supermoto and even a few MX require you to run the DB Dawg otherwise you can't ride. It really is that bad over here as regards to noise restrictions etc. I've ordered one for an 06 yzf450, will have to report back on how it runs. I have seen them in action at my local H&H club and they do seem to make bikes noticeably quieter, the guys with the 450's said they can hardly notice it powerwise, just melows it out slightly. As regards to them burning out the packing, again the guys said they haven't noticed any difference (pretty fast riders as well so there on the gas hard), even if it does burn the packing out quicker its still cheaper re-packing it, than spending a fortune on a Q pipe you could smash to bits on its first outing. Be sure to order the leash for it, and loctite the the threads before installation, I have seen guys use high temp exhaust silicone to stick them in also. As I have heard stories of them falling out before. Hope this helped in some way.

I am asking more about the newer style can with a DB Dawg installed, since the newer muffler is already super quiet and seems to have already detuned the bike a little, if an insert would be overkill basically.

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