Rear Shck Mount Problem

I have the 426 down in my family room, performing all of the winter checks and maintainence. Overall, I was impressed with the swing-arm and shock linkages. All still had plenty of grease and NO water or moisture.

I, however, am very pi$$ed about the Shock-Frame mount. Before putting the nut on the mounting bolt, I notice quite a bit of free play between the bolt and the ID of the frame mounting holes. Nothing looks worn, so I figured that was the way it was manufactured and once the nut is properly tightened, it will not be able to "bounce" around in the frame. With that in mind, I was going to make damn well sure that the nut was properly torqed.

When torqueing (manual says 40 ft-lb), the nut threads stripped off at about 36 ft-lbs. Fortunatly it was the nut, not the bolt, and I may be able to get a replacement at the hardware store. I hope the bolt doesn't strip next!

Point is, why did it strip? and why the slop between the bolt and frame? Have any of you others noticed this and are there any mods in place yet.

When I have a new nut in hand, I intend to install the proper shim stock betweem the bolt/frame for a snugger fit. I think that will prevent the mounting bolt and or frame from getting even sloppier.

Any ideas or thoughts on the subject appreciated.


Lucky it was just the nut. That is strange though. Maybe it was originally installed cross-threaded or overtorqued, maybe a weak nut... By the way, did you have to drain the coolant and remove the subframe to remove the shock?

The nut seemed real soft. After examining further, I found a thread damaged on the bolt also. The local dealer had a bolt, so no big deal. But I got a Stainless nut at the hardware store and it torqued properly. My biggest concern was the sloppyness of the bolt in the frame holes. I shimmed it with .003" stock and it has no play now.

Yep, had to drain the coolant resavior, no big deal. Just pull the hose and let the tank drain into a bottle. Can't let any get on the carpet or the wife won't let you bring bikes into the house anymore!

Been assembling it and have relubed all the bearings. Was kind of fun to dismantle the WR all the way down. All that is left now is air filter, bolt on the tank and seat and lube the cables.


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