Keeping the engine cool

All other things being equal, distilled water would have the added benefit of being less viscous than ethylene-glycol coolants. Less energy would be used to drive the water through the cylinder walls, radiator, pump, etc. I would be curious to see what performance advantages you would experience from this alone.

Redline states it will work with ANY antifreeze/coolant.

This is somewhat what I said, although the specific temp info is interesting. I assume you have a trail computer with a temp sensor? Where is the sensor located?

One of the things about radiators is that the greater the difference between the internal and external temp is, the faster the rate of heat exchange becomes. Like water flowing to a low spot, heat moves from hot to cold, and the bigger the temp delta, the more "downhill" it is, so what you're saying about the temp reaching a plateau makes some sense.

"Molar cavitation" is the technical term for "spot boiling", and that's what I was referring to as I spoke of the boil point cutting off the cooling ability of the coolant. Fluid in circulation is less prone to this than standing fluid is, though.

i know your gonna say its inaccurate as far as water temps but when i did

the testing it was oil temps measured at the drain plug;the plug had a sensor connected to a digital gauge;so in reality i was measuring overall engine temp but when idling for extended periods my bike (with evans) temps averaged 25'f higher(265'f) than normal running temps which was around 240' on my practice loop. the measuring was done while testing with and without the two2cool oil additive(which btw reduced oil temps by a minimum of 15'f) we used my buddies 04wr with 50/50 (and regular oil) as a comparison in the idle test and it overheated in around 3 minutes (if memory serves me correct) with the oil temp still less than the plateau of my bike with evans(right at 260') so that kinda made me figure that at least at idle while sitting still the oil temps and coolant temps are close?

hardly precise i know....but look who your dealin' with:busted:

and too compound matters this is all from memory as the notes have since gone to the wayside!

i used engine ice in all my bikes and i havent had a problem with overheating at all.. my buddy with his crf450 was over heating in the woods every mile and he switched to engine ice and hasent over heated yet..

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