Recluse or Revloc

Well, I've been thinking of a slipper in my '07 WR450. Anyone running either one? Pro's and con's? Problems? I've heard the Revloc may be more durable, but that is the reason for this posting. First hand experience is much more valuable than just someone's opinion. Thanks, Robert

I have the Rekluse. I like it. I have ran it for over 2 years and still looks like new. It makes you a better rider in the tight stuff. It also helps with fatigue. No more pulling the clutch in. Revloc is a local Denver company. Give them a call. The Revloc is more expensive and you need pull your whole clutch basket. You exchange your stock clutch basket with Revloc for theirs. Where the rekluse is a replacment for your exsisting clutch cover. All and all I think its one of the better mods I have done. I don't miss pulling the clutch.

I also have a Rekluse for about two years now and I'm totally happy. Actually I feel like I'm cheating. :thumbsup::smirk: Also have a friend with a Revloc on his WR426 and when he got his new Honda (boo) :usa: he put a Rekluse on that just because it was cheaper. I think they both work great, best think I did to the bike.

Thanks for the replies. I will be in Denver in a week or two so I might check out the Revloc while there. I've really never heard anything but good things about both products, just looking for the "first hand" report. Thanks again.

I think Fay Myers is a Revloc rep.

There's a difference between a slipper clutch and an auto clutch.

the Rekluse is an autoclutch.

I have no personal experience with Revloc but I can tell you for sure Rekluse is an A+ product and an A+ company.

There's a difference between a slipper clutch and an auto clutch.

the Rekluse is an autoclutch.

Good point!!! Neither the Rekluse or Revloc are "slipper" clutches like the MX guys use. I don't think you really want a slipper clutch for an off-road bike, but the "auto" clutchs are really great for technical riding.

I have a Rekluse and love it! It has made tight woods riding a blast!

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