2001 426 frame 1999 400 engine

will the 1999 wr 400 engine fit in a 2001 wr426 frame


It should. They are basically the same engine.

i hope it does,

I'm not postive but I think the outside of both motors are the same as far as motor mounts and such. I think they just changed parts inside the motor

can anyone verify this im gunna buy a blown up 426 fpor my 400 i got now,

The motor will fit, but you will be missing the bracket for the "octopus" hot start clap trap. On the 426's, the hot start circuit was moved inside the carb instead of being scabbed on to the outside. If the blown up 426 comes with the 2nd gen carb, you can just bolt that on. Also, use the 426 pipe if you get it, as the bend on the header is such that you don't have to loosen it to change the oil as you do on the 400s.

+1 for the fitment

so what will i have to do/buy

so what will i have to do/buy

If you have the 2001 carb and exhaust pipe, just remove the old engine and install the new. If you still have the 2001 engine you will probably want to swap the stators since the 1999 stator puts out about have the watts.

so ive been trying to staart my 99,had it going for a bit trying to warm up but the header went red hot while waring up with choke on.so i turned it off.i think its because the silencer got blown off and it nig riged back together.anyway.now when i go to kick over the bike,i push the kiskstart down till i find the hard spot, pull in the decompresion,drop it 1 inch,like usual, let thekick arm go back to the top ,and kick it,it stops halfway down and wont start.this never happened before.i had a couple rumbles from it but cant get it going now.its liekt he decrompresion wont work anymore


maybe decomp cable routing? or cable stretched? jetting?

well let me clarify.when i pull in the decom lever, it works, the kicker is real easy to kick then.but that does not start the bike.so anyway,back to starting the bike procedures.im not sure if this is right but it always worked for me to start the bike

1.push kick lever untill i find the definate hard spot.

2.pull in decomperseion lever

3.push the the kick arm go about 1-2 inches down past the hard spot

4.let go of dec lever and let the kick arm come back to the top position

5.kick the kick arm wihout holding the decompression, (it kicks real easy gos all th way thorugh andf start bike

now when i do that i follow same procedure and when i go to do the final start kick after"preloading decompresion"or whatever u wana call it, i go to kick it and half wqay down theres a hard spot again, and it doesnt get a full kick to start.

whats this all about

it works 1 ouut of 200 trys, i had it run for 1 second, then it died,went to kick it again, hard spot, when i do the final kick.also

does it have a wr stator?

im pretty sure it does.i bought it used though and the owner never knew much about it.

compare the stator/ flywheel on the 400 with the 426, If u see a difference, try using the wr426 stator.

i never got the 426 yet.just the 400

the bike is still a 99 400,im planning on putting the engine in a 426 frame though because i need the 426 frame VIN#,my 400 doesnt have one.but first i need to be able to kick the 400 engine over

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