Best pre 04 forks

I haven't been able to find what I'm looking for in the search, so I'll just ask. I have a 99 WR400 and need a new left fork. I'm looking at upgrading the forks at the same time, so I'm wondering what people think of the forks up to 2004? I can bolt up 98-04 forks. Is there a year that stands out the best from others? My forks currently have/had a harsh spot mid-stroke that was horrible on washboard roads and the like so I'm hoping by going to a newer year I can get rid of some or all of that. Anyone have any experience with YZ forks or any of the forks from the 250's (same years)? Any help is appreciated!

I would imagine that 03-04 forks would be the best. I would stay away from yz forks unless you plan to do a revalve. Also 04 yz forks are completely different from 04 wr's. You might be able to go with newer 48mm forks if you change the clamps, I'm not sure. I ride a 05 yz250 two stroke with revalve suspension and it is awesome off road!

By the way, what is wrong with your left fork?

I had a 99' and an 04' and I don't think there is a bit of difference between the two forks... I could be wrong but design, and inners looked exactly the same if I remember... spring rates might be different but thats just a spring...

The valving is different between the years. Other than spring rate, thats why I'm looking at going to something newer, hopefully get some of the bugs worked out.

As far as why I need a fork, the short of it is that I broke the caliper mount. :thumbsup:

Depending how much $ you want to spend, you could buy clamps and 06+ forks. The newer forks are lightyears ahead of everything else. Good luck whatever you do.

Depending how much $ you want to spend, you could buy clamps and 06+ forks. The newer forks are lightyears ahead of everything else. Good luck whatever you do.

That is an option, but I don't have the extra money to change the whole front end. My reason for sticking to pre '04 is that a) the forks will bolt into my clamps and :thumbsup: in '05 the brake lines were no longer routed around the end of the fork. I just put a steering stabilizer on this fall and a SS brake line so I have to have something that bolts up to my current clamps.

FWIW... I did not really notice a difference in performance between the 400 and 450 fork, even on my 07'. I am 210lbs and had to re-spring every WR I've had (4) and the stock valving characteristics have always left something to be desired.

Frankly I would look for the best $ deal on what will work for you and go from there with spring and valving changes as needed to make it what you want. I don't think there is any real benefit in paying more for an 03' - 04' set of forks.

Good Luck:ride:

I decided to pick up a set of '02 YZ250F forks. A tad more than I would have like to pay, but they have fresh seals, oil, speed bleeders, include the fork guards, and are supposed to be in mint shape. According to the Race Tech website, the recommended spring rate for those forks for an enduro rider at 200-210 lb is what I currently have in my WR so I can just throw the stiffer springs in and I'll try the YZ valving. Who know's maybe I'll like it better? :thumbsup: If worse comes to worse I can always put the valves from the WR forks in. :smirk:

I am curious to know how this works out... at some point in time the YZF's went away from the single chamber WR style fork I don't know when that was though.. unless Race Tech lists the same spring for each fork I would not assume that the springs are interchangeable..

Do have a pic of the forks you could post?

Also, if you are still using that OEM odometer it will not necessarily work with the YZ fork..

The springs are the same between the two.

I haven't used the OEM odometer in a while now, I have Trail Tech computer. The only difference there is the fork guard as the inner fork tube is the same part number for the bikes.

I don't have a picture loaded online anywhere at this time.

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