how to regrease your linkage in 10 easy steps...

question? has any one tryed puting grease nippels on there linkage aka old honda xr's?

hi gsxrguy,

Someone has added zerk fittings. Do a search on Zerk fittings and you may find info and pics of what you are lookin for.

Good Luck,



You be the man! Thanks for the step by step. I haven't tore my bike down yet to do the linkage/swingarm bearings. This I will be sure to use.

Thanks again


Do you guys have a favorite grease for the linkage parts? I have always used the Yamaha waterproof grease. Why?? The color matches the YZ's.

Now, as great as a reason as I have, I would try soemthing else if it were better. Any thoughts???

Thanks Wrooster-- I bet that took some time to put together! :)

question? has any one tryed puting grease nippels on there linkage aka old honda xr's?


I have put nipples in my linkage and swingarm (thanks mike dean!) and it wasnt a problem to do it all, you just need to take you time.

Was it worth it?

Well, thats another story. After getting the nipples in all the correct locations so they would not interfere with anything, that turned out fine. But the one problem that is plagueing me is the fact that everytime I try to shoot grease in it pushes the seals off. I know I did everything right but I end up haveing to take the linkage off anyways to push the seals back on.

So if I have to do that then what am I accomplishing by putting grease zerks in?

Anyone have any ideas as to why this might be happening?

heres some pics:




Your seals are being pushed out by the pressure applied when you squeeze it in with your powerful grease gun. The grease has nowhere else to go as it's already full...Maybe try using less grease.

I use Quicksilver marine grease 2-4-c with teflon

> Amsoil's synthetic racing grease for ultimate protection and performance

just FYI...

CRC/Sta-Lube STA-PLEX (shown in the pics in my link above) has a higher Timken 4-Ball rating (ASTM D-2596), higher Timken OK Load (D-2509), and better water washout resistance (ASTM D-1264) than Amsoil's synthetic racing grease. best of all you can get a 1 pound tub of STA-PLEX at Pep Boys for around US$3.59.

i'm not trying to start a war, just giving options... :)

jim aka the wrooster

Wow, not bad! Mine is $10.15 for a 14 oz cartridge but, being a premium synthetic, it's more resistant to temperature extremes and doesn't harden nearly as much when cold...

Reverse your seals, that is press them in what you would normally consider backwards. You want the seal lips to "burp" and release the excessive grease pressure. Sealing performance is at least as good. GGs and Huskys come like this, Huskys with factory zerk fittings, no seal problems.

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