Flywheel Weight

Working on trying to trail mod a 1998 YZ400f. I have heard that a good way to decrease stalling is to install a flywheel weight. Any recommendations on amount of weight? Thanks in advance.

I've got the same bike and use it for trail riding only. I have a 6 oz. wieght on it and it works well.

Maybe if I had ridden it longer before installing it I would notice the contrast but after putting a 14 oz on my 2000 426 I didn't notice a radical difference. The 14 oz for the 426 has been discontinued. I don't know about the 400.

I have a 10oz Steahly on my 03' 450 and it made a huge difference.

8 oz Dr. D on my 04 and it made a big difference.

Steahly makes a bolt-on weight as well as a replacement flywheel. Just ordered a 13oz for my 2004 YZ 450. You can use this chart as a rough guideline to the weight you might need:

That chart is what I went by for my 426 and was why I chose the 14 oz. Like I said before, the difference isn't radical. The thing is still a beast.

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