New Bars - 5'11 Rider (pics)

Currently standard bars are rolled far too forward to try and get some height... See Below


Im after recomendations for a 2008/2007 wr450 for bars to suit a 5'11 rider. As you can see the angle of my bars currently is pointing down behind the rear of my front tyre...

I wont need adaptors to run fat bars, as these newer bikes come with em, but can i turn my current adaptors around to push the bars forward a little more?

Want to stick with protapers, but thinking KX hi at this stage, just wanting to know what other people were running... Have read a lot of the other "bar" posts but not so many relate to the '08s


Pro Taper makes so many different bends... my suggestion is to check out there site and see what you want in terms of rise, sweep, etc... I am 6'3" but installed a sub mount stabilizer that raised my mounting an inch and a half.. I left the stock bars but on other WR's I have always liked the Pastrana bends..

Pro Tapers are awesome bars... one of the few that just don't bend very easily.

One word of caution on any "Woods Bend" as they are typically cut narrower... I was not able to make evrything fit, (Start button, brake perch, bark buster mount, etc..) on the Pastrana ATV / Woods Bend.

First suggestion is get a stabilizer (gpr or scotts). If you've never run one, you will be amazed at how it helps no matter what type of riding you do (note that honda now has them standard on their 250/450). I consider it as a tie with suspension upgrade as best bang for the buck to make any bike more enjoyable/racable. Also, both brands are available as a below bar mount that mounts your bars up an inch or more. I found it to be just right with stock bars. Second option, if you're happy with the stock bend, is research taller bar clamps...cheaper than taller bars.

Second option, if you're happy with the stock bend, is research taller bar clamps...cheaper than taller bars.


I was going to mention that as well... 2 race seasons on my stock pro tapers and they are still straight so why spend money on different bars if you can get the desired result for less... you can probably get the risers or clamps with an offset too.

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