Chain Question....Gray?

OK Gray, you hooked me on the Regina ORN6 chain and I have 45 hours on it currently of mostly intermediate soils. I've noticed that most of the o-rings are cracking and the master link is pretty hard to take on and off. I'll clean the master link and see if it helps but wondering about the cracked o-rings. Is this chain done? Did I use the wrong chain lube? I've been using Bel-ray which says it's safe for o-ring chain. Any help would be appreciated, thanks


On my o-ring chains I never use chain lube. These chains have their lubrication sealed inside by the o-rings so what are you lubing? I'll bet that chain lube you used attracted dirt/sand to the o-rings & possibly damaged them. I simply spray WD40 on my o-ring chains & then wipe them down with a clean rag. This seems to keep the o-rings in good shape & I still have the same Sidewinder o-ring chain on my 06 YZ450F as I did 2 years ago.

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