your PM's are full!

in answer to your question though i would say try a lower MJ first then try lowering the needle-in that order.

you can even go to c1 and put a .5mm spacer/washer underneath and see what half a clip does to it.

only then would i try the lowest PJ setting. you're so close to lean you should do each test thoroughly to make sure that it's an improvement.

with the needle so low you may find that the 35PJ is too low. if a needle is on c1 that means an awful lot of the straight is in the ET and thus it leans off the fuel a bit.

i think there is a case for you getting the **N needle and see what you get.

also if you have any more than a spit of fuel from the APJ you're slowing the engine so again cut this down.

some of the DR boys are running 130-135MJ's at altitude so i don't know which MJ is right for you.

good luck and do emoty your PM's!!!!!!!


Thanks Taffy.

They need to give me a larger mailbox :)


I'll have results Friday or Mondy.

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