Pics of my winter project 1994 Yamaha YZ125

Bike has new crank/seals/bearings, new shift shaft, piston, re-plated cylinder, new fork seals/oil. new rear shock seal/oil/, Renthal bars, headset and front/rear wheel bearings, powercoated frame/hubs/rim, custom seat cover made by me. Bike runs great I wish I had the before pics. Bike was stock ugly purple frame with white/purple/yellow/orange Ceet graphics and seat cover. Not quite done yet but almost there. I'll post the finish prject pics too. Feel free to email questions!








It looks pretty nice. What's the tally?

Dude that is a beautiful bike! My 97 has a white frame and this makes me want to get it repainted.

dude im not going to lie. THATS FREAKING SWEET!!!! i love those graphics. looks brand new. the only thing i would do to it is put a white front fender on in. nice bike bro:worthy:


The motor work, fork seals, headset and wheel bearings were completed


$20.00 rear fender

$75.00 shock seal, Pro Circuit shock oil, Nitrogen recharge

$230.00 frame, hubs and rims sandblast and powdercoating

$35.00 used Renthal bars from Ebay

$50.00 Mylers to straighten right radiator

$15.00 material to make seat cover

$15.00 radiator guards-Ebay

$100.00 misc. OEM nuts/bolts, seals and parts

Can't think of anything else....looks like the total is $1600.00.

I have a 2006 KX450F and I honestly think this YZ is in better condition than my Kawi!! Thanks for the kudos, it has been a fun project with my son!

very nice machine...i have the same year bike only its a 250 and i'm planning on doing the same this winter. where did you have the frame and wheels done. and the graphics where did you get them. thanks....

Those hubs look amazing. Sounds like a really fun project.

Graphics were from Ebay. Powder coating was done at Gale Enameling in Plainfield IN.

this is the nicest 94 i have ever seen in my life

What about the hubs, did they do the work also?

Yeah, I should have said. Gale Enameling also did the hubs. They are candy blue over chrome silver. The rims are gloss black. I had my rims on my Kawi done last may and they hold up very well! You just have to be careful when tire changing, but you would also be careful with anodized rims.


Very nice. My first "real" bike was a 94 YZ125. Now pay some respect to the vintage, back to purple and white!!!! JK

hey wave hogg, do you have left over material to do another seat cover. if you have some spare time, maybe you can do mine, of course i'll be glade to pay for your services...

I do have some extra material left over. The sewing part was easy, the stretching the seat over the seat frame took some time, but it is wrinkle free and should hold up pretty good. It may be slippery?? Thanks for noticing. below are a couple before pics.


yzr2.jpg you think you can do my seat....My frame is the same color, blue. I was thinking of painting the frame red like the '89 models untill i saw the machine you have.

Looks like a newer bike! Cant even tell its a 94'. I would of guessed a newer year! Good job:thumbsup:

Very nice indeed. It's a pleasure to see such great bikes restored back to new. keep us posted.

Great looking machine!

Did you notice how similar your rear suspension looks to what the 09 yzf has?

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