Interesting fact about Athena 480 kit

I think Athena uses the same kit for the YZ's as they do the YFZ's. this is pretty interesting, i fount it on a ATV fourm and anyone that has/wants a Athena 480 kit should read this. It dosn't mean the kits are bad or anything its just something that needs to be considered. Seriouse damage could result if not considered:

I think CP makes a different piston for the YZF than they do for the YFZ. I have almost 10hrs of hard riding on mine and I am running the Cometic gaskets too. Bike starts easy and runs strong with no problems. The piston is the 13.5-1 but is not the Venom model.

are the thicknesses of your gaskets different from the athena gaskets? maby the Athena YFZ kits are different from the YZ kits.

its the same engine according to my dealer...

yeah i knew that but im wondering if Athena make different hight cylenders from the quads to the bikes. i dont know why they would...the probably dont. maby that guys table was un leavle lol. i have no idea. i just threw this thread out there to see what people think

I'm not sure about the thickness of the two different gaskets.

I did some checking on the CP pistons website. The 98mm piston for the YZF is a 13.5:1 and is part # M1051.

The 98mm piston for the YFZ is a 12.5:1 and 468cc for the 03-05 and is 12.75:1....478cc for the 06-08. The part# is M1009 on the quad. Also they both have different part #'s for the pins.

Also it says to bore and replate on the YFZ but on the YZF it says sleeve or cylinder.


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