2000 wr 400 approx value

Hey to all you Yamaha guys. Don't let my name fool you, I ride a 05 Honda450x. I got a line on a 2000 wr400 and would like your input on this bike and it's potential. Heres the deal, the bike has motor problems, don't know exactly whats wrong but it won't start or if it does it won't run long. I think it has valve issues. The owner thinks it might have valve and piston issues? The question is, what do you think this thing is worth as it sits not knowing the real issues, whats the value if it was running? The bike is in decent shape otherwise, newer wheel bearings, linkage bearings, tires, sprockets. I am looking at getting this for my son who now rides a 4 wheeler. He is almost 17.

Anyway, your input on this bike and it's potential is appreciated.

Thanks, Tim

A total top end rebuild would cost more than the bike is worth.

A total top end rebuild would cost more than the bike is worth.

Top ends cost that much these days?

No, they don't, if you're doing your own wrenching you can certainly do it for much cheaper than that.

The potential for this bike is high. Properly cared for these bikes can return many hours of reliable power filled fun. The motors are bulletproof (in proper working order) and the maintenance is relatively easy (The yamaha manuals are awesome). Some of the mods are a must do however, like uncorking the thing, cutting the grey wire, the airbox mod, and perhaps some carb tweaking...

Spare parts are on ebay quite regularly from people parting theirs out and there is a good bit of crossover on items from other models like the 426.

Bottom line, if you look around most of the 400 owners on this board like their bikes and would tell you the same things I just have.

This kind of depends on the market locale, things tend to run a little higher out West here, but not running I would say not more than $1200-$1400... Properly running, well cared for, and with extras it could go all the way to $2200 depending on what is really on the bike and how it's been run... Hope this is helpful, and there is lot's of help on here if you need it. Let us know what you do...

Flooder That is exactly the input I was hoping for, thanks I appreciate it. I do in fact plan on doing the work myself, except if any machining that is required on the head of course. I can get this bike for $800.00, so I think there is potential after all. Anyone else jump on in.

Tanks , Tim

I agree with Flooder!! I love my 426 and parts are available on ebay all the time. You could part it out for more than 800. I am probably a nut but my 426 is valued in its worth to ME!! Do not care what others think. I spent $2500 on my motor this summer and I would do it again. Did I mention, I love the bike.

Complete rebuild with a crank and clutch can be done for 1500 bux if you shop around and do the work yourself (including valves, headwork, piston, etc). That's really the worst case. If I coud pick one up for 800, I'd be on it like a fat kid on cake. I, too, love my 426!...now if only it had a happy button...

:smirk::usa::thumbsup: Fat kids love cake.... For that price Tim I'd jump on it... like Dee said you could easily part it out for much more than that on ebay... I would guess after checking compression and fuel supply you'll find it may not be a total rebuild after all. The fuel lines and carb would be the first place I'd go, then I'd check compression, valve timing, and clearance, and at the same time spark. I'm sure you already know this but K.I.S.S. principle first....

Birdy do you have auto-decompression cams? Just curious. It's one thing I've been thinking about doing lately as I hate the start ritual as well...

Birdy do you have auto-decompression cams? Just curious. It's one thing I've been thinking about doing lately as I hate the start ritual as well...

Flooder- Yup, I have Hot Cams intake and auto-decomp exhaust cams in my beast. Third best mod I ever did. (First was ESP suspension, and second was the YZ seat/tank). The grind on the Hot Cams exhaust is about the same as a stock 03 YZ cam, so if your scoot is already YZ timed, you won't see a real performance improvement. You will stop stalling when stuffing it hard into a corner; you will be able to bump start; you will not stall when breaking on downhills; and you will be able to kick it over in your sneakers (unless you put in a big bore kit and hi-comp piston as I have done). In other words, look for the best price. North County Yamaha in San Marcos, CA usually has a really good price in their e-Bay store for the OEM unit, and there are usually deals on e-Bay for Hot Cams as well. The Hot Cams intake cam does provide a significant boost in performance if you decide you want to go that way...

Thanks all, it is a 400 btw, didn't know if somehow you guys thought otherwise. Does this motor need a decompression cam or is it ok when all is well? Gotta sell the boys 4wheeler first before I spend the cash, talking possible layoffs at the old factory. Shouldn't get to me for a while I hope. :thumbsup:


auto-decomp cam isn't a "must have" in either a 400 or 426...it's a nice to have. The 450's got it so the e-starter could turn the motor over.

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