Clutch noise

This may sound strange but the other day I was standing next to my bike in the garage and reached up and pulled in the clutch lever and noticed that when it got in about an inch or so there was a knock, almost like something is binding and popping. The lever will go through its stroke and no noise when letting it out. I can "feel" the knock with my hand on the seat. Cable is good, no binding etc. Noticed no problem last time I rode it. Sounds like it is coming from the clutch. A buddy said it sounds like a broken spring. Just wondering if anyone has any ideas? I will be opening it up but was wondering if anyone has any suggestions on anything in particular to keep an eye out for!! Thanks :)

[ July 08, 2002: Message edited by: PapaSmurf ]

It sounds a lot like the problem I with my YZ. Does is kind of hesitate or lurch when you take off? My problem was that there were grooves in my basket and boss. If they aren't to bad you can take them out with a file, emery cloth, and about 3 hours of time.

I have had cables do this. Try lubing your cable before tearing into the clutch.

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