is there a factory xr650r sm bike?...any links

i have been trying to find a site that has such a bike to compare some specs...any body know of this?

Nope! i asked if there was a FACTORY sm out there(made by honda) :)

no there's not

I suspect Yamaha will beat Honda to that market also - YZ450SM -

and what about a street legal modle......europe?????

U.K., Euro and Aussie pigs leave the showroom "street legal".

Adding your own supermotord equipment is what most

SMers do. It is possible to buy a brand new pig from

dealers who do the SM stuff for you, and you pay extra.

cheers, Craig

Screw them super moturds! Just cause it's the craze in Europe, I don't care! The only reason it is so popular in Europe is because they have such a hard time finding land to race real bikes on. Stupid Green Party!!!! So with super moturds, you dump some dirt in a parking lot and wa-la, instant ticket sales.

If I wanted to go fast on asphalt, I'd get a CBR 900, not try to corn-hole some dinky tires on my BRP. :)

A super motard BRP, that's just plain sick! What's this country coming too??!!! You guys were probably rootin for Bayle and booing Stanton back in the 80's? Weren't ya??!!!!

Damn Euros!!!!

OH! Docter! You tell'em FooBar! :)

Foobar, I also can't understand the point of supermotards,

especially with a bike like the BRP. I also envy yawl with

your wide open spaces in your backyards. Another thing I can't understand is why I often see photos of American

BRPs which are immaculately clean ( I can hardly make out

the red and white colours on mine ) and why I often see

American BRPs for sale with such little hours use on them.

If I can put 12,000 miles ( 6000 off-road )on mine in my tiny wet country

( Scotland ) just think how many I could put on if I lived

in yours.

cheers, Craig

ps. agree with your "damm Euros"

Dudenstumpie! Let's make a deal! You show me your trails and I'll show you mine! I had the opportunity to go to Scotland back in the mid 80's (my last name's Baird). I'm way overdue! Didn't get a chance to ride back then. I bet it's a bit of allright, right Laddie? You'd love the wide open spaces I ride at. Anytime mate! :)

You can not understand Motard unless you have tried it. I personally do not understand the cash some people spend so they can try it. The last time I went to a practice session there was a guy with a new YZ450 with 17" rims and Michelin SLICKS! This guy had droped and extra $2K into a brand new bike that had not been riden. All this to "Try my had at this", he had NEVER DONE IT BEFORE!!!! :) That is nuts. :D

For me, I just spoon on a set of worn out knobbies, pull the kickstand and go have fun! :D Cheap clean fun that is different. And yes the OEM knobbies slide REALLY well! :D

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