America to send top racers to 2003 ISDE

Morgantown, WV- GNCC Racing, a division of Racer Productions and producers of the AMA Grand National Cross Country Series, has formed "GNCC ISDE 2003," a project that will provide full support for the 2003 International Six Days Enduro (ISDE) U.S. Trophy Team, which has been dubbed "America's Team." GNCC ISDE 2003 will raise funds through sponsorships, product sales and other efforts to provide equipment, transportation, and support for the team.

"We've always known that the world's best off-road riders race here in the United States," said America's Team manager Jeff Russell. "As a former ISDE rider, I know that the support of GNCC ISDE 2003 will be a great boost to our team's chances to bring home the World Championship."

The AMA previously announced the members of the team, which will compete in the 78th ISDE, scheduled for November 3 - 8, 2003, in Forteleza City, Brazil:

Rodney Smith, team captain (Suzuki) -- four-time and defending champion of the AMA Grand National Cross Country Series, three-time AMA National Reliability Enduro champion, three-time AMA National Hare Scrambles champion, winner of multiple ISDE gold medals, and former Brazilian National Motocross champion.

Fred Andrews (Kawasaki) -- two-time and defending champion of the AMA National Hare Scrambles Series, former AMA National Reliability Enduro 125cc champion, former AMA Grand National Cross Country Series champion, and three-time South Africa Enduro champion.

Mike Lafferty (KTM) -- five-time and defending champion of the AMA/FMF Racing National Enduro Series.

Mike Kiedrowski (Suzuki) -- four-time AMA U.S. Motocross Series

champion, and a member of three winning Motocross des Nations teams for the U.S.

Jason Raines (Yamaha) -- former ISDE Gold Medallist.

Ty Davis (Yamaha) -- Three-time and defending champion of the AMA Hare & Hound Series, two-time overall AMA National Enduro Series champion, former

ISDE Gold Medallist, and four-time class winner and three-time overall winner of

the Baja 1000.

Jeff Russell, team manager -- former ISDE Gold Medallist and AMA National Enduro Champion, and Trail Boss for GNCC Racing.

Smith, Andrews, Lafferty, Kiedrowski and Raines were the top five finishers, respectively, in the 2002 AMA Grand National Cross Country


"With this combination of world-class riders, it's clear that America's Team is serious about contending for the 2003 ISDE World Championship," said the AMA's Hugh Fleming. "And thanks to the generous participation of GNCC ISDE 2003, our riders are sure to have world-class equipment and support as well."

America's Team will make its U.S. debut at The Hurricane AMA Grand National Cross Country event, scheduled for March 4, 2003, in Palatka, Florida.

The ISDE is one of the world's oldest and most historic motorcycle events. Although the U.S. has never won an ISDE World Championship, Team USA finished sixth overall in 2001 and was presented the Watling Trophy, awarded to the country that puts forth the best effort under adverse conditions.

For more information about supporting America's Team, call GNCC 724-992-0680 or visit For complete package details about the AMA Travel excursion to the 2003 ISDE, call AMA Travel & Tours at 614-856-1900 extension 1196.

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Thats going to be a great team, the best we've had for a while. Is this Mike Laffertys first ISDT?

How soon people forget.

The USA has twice won the Vase/Jr.Trophy teams

We finished 2nd ( the winning team cheated and put back in a rider who was houred out ) in Czechoslovakia in 1982. That was a Tough tough event that out of 36 Americans only 8 finished. Of which I was one.

We have done our worst since the AMA and whomever decided to "Hand Pick" the Trophy teams. We used to finish 2nd to 5th in most ISDT / E events but once we started "HandPicking" Our results have slipped greatly. We don't have a good training ground for the ISDE anymore. We used to have 8 ISDT qualifiers and now we only have 2-3. When you don't have the top riders trying to qualify they don't have a commitment to the cause. Their hearts are not in it and they are just on vacation. Yes, we are talking about the best riders in the USA but you gotta train and gotta want to to this more than anything else. The ISDT / E qualifiers once were considered the premier off road events in the USA. Now we are looking at H/S riders. Not enduro riders. I think they ought to make everyone qualify not just the Club teams. Let's put prestige back into the ISDE and the top riders will fight to be on the team.

We have tried this method before with Cycle Gear hand picking the riders and isolating them from the rest of the team. I remember when any club team rider would give up a bike part to keep a trophy team rider going. Now day's I feel that it is every man for himself. You must treat every member of the ISDE Squad as a member of the elite or you don't get the best wanting to go.


Dwight :)

I don't think its a matter of anybody forgeting any thing. But since your a historian, could you answer my question?

BTW how long have you been riding XRs?

Way to long! :)

I aggree with Dwight in some respects. I don't think hand picking the team is the best idea.

There are going to be a lot of guys wanting to go to Brazil this year and it's touted as being primarily a sand and desert event.

You've got guys like the Pearsons who've been flying our flag for a few years now and they basically are shut off from the process now. And how about Destry... he's expressed interest in Brazil too. I think "management" is discounting a few guys that may possibly be better for the position.

Ty and Rodney are great choices I think.

If we're only considering moto special tests then sure Fred and Mike K. are great choices, but they are rookies.

I'm sure they are very fast, but I don't know how Jason or Mike L. would do in a sand special test. But, they are not rookieswhich is good.

There are 3 Pearson bros. and Destry who've won medals and are likely more experienced with they type riding they might have in Brazil. I think it would be fair if they also had a shot at it.

There are even more great riders in the West that may want to do it, who knows...

And another thing.... Brazil is going to be different than most events because of the terrain. So why are the Qualifiers held in NJ and ID.?

For Europe I would expect the Qualifiers to be in areas with mud and trees.

But for So.Am. I think we would end up with better Trophy, Jr., and Club teams if the Qualifiers were held in conditions more closely resembling where the event will be. So. Cal. or NV. as Qualifers in the West and some sort of desert or sandy place for you in the East (I have no clue where that would be).


I don't think you can call this "hand picking" these are the top five riders of the GNCC series plus Ty who is Hare and Hound Champion. Instead of a 2 or 3 round qualifier you have a 13 round qualifier in which the top five GNCC pros and the Champion of the Hare and Hound are the American Team

Personally, I think they are once again making a big mistake by not selecting guys like Randy Hawkins, who have 11 ISDE Gold Medal's, with tons of experience, and solid leaders. The problems in the past can be directly attributed to individual EGO problems, and lack of teamwork. Here we go with another Dream Team.... Oh Brother !


Bonzai :)

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