07 wr450 help

Hey guys, just wondering, ive been told the '07' wr 450 doesnt have any performance improvements when you put on a new pipe? i know it would have a sweeter tune but does anyone have anything to say against this let me know please! Also the preformance pack you get with it has the 2 upgraded jets with it, are these the best to put in or what size ones if they are not?

I have an '07 and put a FMF TI Powercore after doing all the free mods. I could tell a difference right away. I wish now I would of put a Mega Bomb header pipe on it too at the same time.

i Also did all the free/cheap mods and later added JD jetting and Dr.D exhaust system. Much improved

+ 1 on the jetting

ahh beautiful, thanks, so would the megabomb header fit into the fmf pipe??

thanks heaps guys, and whats with the fuel screw???

Dialed in my jetting, bike ran great. Added an fmf Q4 and wow big improvement across the full rpm spread...more grunt, more over rev, sweet midrange. No additional jetting changes required. I hear that the power bomb header works well with the Q4, and may add that also.

ah ok then, thanks, any idea what the best exhaust system would be for it, as there has been mention of the TI and Q4, are there any others that you's know of or are 1 or both of these pretty much up there??

Fmf has a great rep for working and fitting with no issues. I consider systems made from TI a waste of money. It gains no performance, is more fragile than alum or Stainless and costs more. It does look cool, so maybe that's worth something to some.

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