highplains rider

Why don't you accept PMs? Still woundering what combination of jets and needle position is working for you.

Hey there. Spent yesterday and today at the Pueblo, CO motorsports park and had good days with the WR450. Now to the jetting. The dealer set up with a #40 pilot, 155 main, 1 3/8 out on (I assume) the pilot air screw and the needle clip in the 3rd position. With this set up I think the bike is running too lean on the pilot. #40 is as low on the pilot as you can go and the bike stutters when given throttle on the low end of the pilot. Also, it hard to start cold. Again too lean ? The main jet seems rich enough. I'm going to richen the pilot more with the pilot air screw and see what happens. Otherwise, I may go to a #42 pilot and lean it out a little with the air screw. My riding buddies (WR250, YZ250F and WR426) seem to think the setup is fine for summer in the high country, but I have my doubts. At least high country will have hills to bump-start at enough revs to get to the middle of the pilot range.

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