WR450 report & ?'s

I recieved my bike last night and after setting it up I came up with the following observations and questions.

1) The bike is very compact and feels like a YZF with headlight and tailight.

2) Have not weighed the bike but it is lighter feeling than my 02 EXC400.

3) Devol radiator guards for YZ450 bolt right on with the addition of 1/4" spacer on back brace and longer bolts for shrouds. This widened the shrouds about an inch but the bike still feels narrow compared to older WR's

4) GPR tripple clamp and dampner set up for YZ bolted right on. You will have to give up the O.D. until someone makes a clamp with three slots on bottom for all brackets. Also used amp bark buster mounts with moose bark busters and woods bend pro taper that bolted right on.

5) The front of tripple clamp is very busy with elec. conn. but is gennerally easy to work around. Two issues I have ? on are the Clutch wire like a Street bike wich cuts starter switch if bike is in gear. Nice idea but seems iffy when you tear it off in the woods. Also the ignition switch must be on to start the bike. ? is can you start the bike with kick starter if battery is dead.

6) Starting the bike is iffy right now. Have removed exhaust plug and throttle stop plus snorkle in air box. The bike seems lean right now and turning out airscrew helped some on idle but starting is an issue until bike is completely warmed up. After doing 4 complete heat cycles I road around the driveway and discovered that After turning bike off it starts much better in gear than out of gear (kick starter works great in any setting). Would really like some feedback on nuetral switch mods. Will play around with jetting and Acc. pump after break-in. Not looking for power just consistent starting. Bike feels very strong but will not know for sure until tomorrows break-in ride.

7) Air filter is unique to WR. Anyone finds a source let us know.

8) Wiring diagram in manuel is not as good as in the past and I look forward to some in-depth post on electrical mods.

9) clutch pull is much better than in past. The chatter problem is there but does not seem to bother ingagement at this point. Will probally make mods and would like hydraulic clutch if it becomes available.

Enough for now I will report back after first ride.

thanks for the report, looking forward to tomorrows.

hey how did you remove your intake baffle in the airbox i tried doing it to mine but it just doesnt wanna come out then i took a pair of pliers and tried yanking it out but still no luck :D:)

Hey Tripp, Thanks for the information.

But what did you mean in #4. Give up the O.D. and 3 slots on bottom for all brackets?

Tripp, Great information!!! Thanks.. Keep it comin....


to remove the air box baffle use a screw driver to pry front part foward. all that is holding it in is the tabs for the batery hold down.

To remove the snorkle in my 450 I wedged 2 flat tipped screwdrivers down behind the battery box, one on either side of the battery hold down rubber band, then pulled straight up and it come right out.

On another note. Dan Lorenze..... Did you get your bike yet? If so did you take it to Dale or just go ride it????


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