yz400f is it worth it?

well currently i ride a 97 kx125 but im tired of it and it doesnt even compare to newer 125's in power, weight, suspension, or anything its so out of date. ive been saving up for a current year yz250f but its really expensive. the thing is knowing its a 2009 means the bike is so refined and is close to flaw less. but i have seen yz400f's on craigslist for under 2,000 in really great shape. can anyone give me some advice and opinions on this bike and how well it can hold up to the newer 250/450f's?

The YZ400F is an awesome bike and completely different than a 125 2-stroke.

Many people swear that the early 400s had more bark and bite than the later 426s and 450s. I would have to agree as an early 400 owner that it "felt" more powerful than many later model bikes. It also wasn't nearly as smooth or manageable.

My YZ400f was happy on the track and open trails where I could keep the speed up. Get it in the woods, twisties or mud and it was like riding a bull.

The engine braking is monstrous (possible understatement). I could never bump start it if I stalled it no matter how much traction I had. This plays into starting as well. The 400s did not have auto-decompression so starting takes some finesse and a lot of strength.

Main differences: WAY more powerful, more steps to start, significant engine braking (changes the way you jump, descend hills and set up for turns, maintenance issues tend to cost more (although the 400s were like tractors, they didn't break), no more premix.

The 400 was a blast to own and ride. I found it a bit overwhelming. I sold it to a friend that rode pro for years. He made it look like an 80cc toy when he rode it. That didn't make me feel too great about my abilities, but I realized how amazing the bike was when I saw what he could do with it.

Be prepared for a different experience be prepared to curse it when it won't start easy, but it's a beast when unleashed and will have no problem keeping up with newer 450s and smoking newer 250s.

I would recommend you consider one of the earlier 250s and at least try one out.

what is your wieght and hight? I'm 6'1" and 235lb and I ride 98 yz400f. if your a bigger guy you will love it! but if you are 5'10" and 160lb you will fight the weight of the bike. put a flywheel wieght on and hand guards on and it is great in the woods! If its jetted correctly it's easy to start hot or cold once you learn the starting procedure which isn't hard at all.:thumbsup:

right now im only 15 i weigh 140 im 5' 10'' but im growing fast. i know what power feels like ive ridin a fully tricked 99 kx250 and a kfx400 quad. the engine breaking on that quad slowed me down quick. also if i end up getting the 98 then i will rejet it to match the 99 specs. to me i feel the yz400f will be a great bike for years for me

you will struggle with the weight when it get muddy! IMO the bike is way to heavy for you. I am very strong and I still struggle in muddy situations. and I am a very good rider! Good luck in your decision.:thumbsup:

haha ok thanks!

I dont struggle with the weight as much as I struggle with the height WITH the weight. I am 5'10" 180ish, and in the woods if you get on even slightly un-even terrain and nearly stop, it can be a bitch unless you have superb balance. I can ride and almost never put my foot down, but when You do have to, and it is off kilter it is tough.

The clutch pull is a bitch too, but that can be fixed any number of ways.

I agree, the 400s power delivery makes it feel more powerfull than modern450s. It is just diabolical in its delivery. The front wheel stock geared does not like to stay on the ground LOL.

But on the bright side, the thing is rock solid, and when setup right can be a blast to ride

how will it do in motocross tracks?

i love mine. just do regular maintenance and it will run forever. i had an even bigger transition than you as i went from an '83 RM125 to my 400. and i was a little shorter than you but about your weight. i only really notice the weight when i start getting tired since im 5'10'' 160lb. like the others are saying, it feels extremely powerful since its not the most smooth delivery, while in reality its not more powerful than the newer 450's.

Everything people say is true. It will honestly wheelie in every gear.

It starts real easy with the right proccedure.

for 2000 bucks, can´t you find one 01/02 early YZ250F´s?

not to dump the 400, sinse I own a 2000 WR400F( for allmost nine years) wich is very similar to the YZ, and is a fine machine

well im still tryin to sell my kx125 here in new jersey to help add to the savings for a 4 stroke. but for the same price i can get an older 250f i would rather have a 400f powerhouse. besides, wheres the powerband really hit in this thing? like wheres the "punch"? and how will it do in jumps/motox tracks? tell me about the suspension as well

There is no punch, it power all the way from bottom to top, you'll love the torque on hills!:thumbsup:

...wheres the "punch"?
If you can hear it, that's where the punch is. :thumbsup:
If you can hear it, that's where the punch is. :thumbsup:

the punch hits as soon as you let go of the clutch and crack the throttle. picture a 2-stroke that is ALWAYS on the "powerband".

how will it do in motocross tracks?

It does fine on the MX track, but it takes a different technique.

For one you dont ride it "In the pipe" as much, espcially when compared to a 125 on an MX track where you are twisting its ear off all the time.

It will let you know a bit more than a modern bike if you miss your landing a bit IMO as well. IT is a bit heavy, and it feels it when you dont land quite perfectly. But it is GREAT for jumps where the run up is quite short. I also like that you dont have to shift as often around a course. You can go into a corner, skip the downshift, and chug it out and it will just friggen PULL then not make the shift back up of course.

Yes, wheelie in every gear, at any RPM basically LOL.

For mx, one thing to let you know, DO NOT forget to pull the clutch in if you have to stab the back brake in the air to adjust your angle. It will stall, and it will NOT bump start when it lands like a two stroke will. That is another thing to :"learn" when making the change.

$2000 is a bit steep IMO, but the bike is a damn fun bike.

I <3 my 400 :thumbsup:

thanks for all of the information. i will soon keep my eyes open for a cheap 400/426f

now i want a 400 2 :thumbsup:

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