yz400f is it worth it?

I remember my 400 being a intro to the world of thumpers. i did my first endo over a table top. Not knowing about engine braking. I had to learn about a procedure of starting a thumper. I sure miss that bike. But really enjoy my 450. I've come a long ways since then.

I had a 02 and a 01 426F and it was my entry in the 450 world...they are pretty heavy though and for motocross they leave quite a bit to be desired compared to a modern 450. I currently ride a 06 YZ450F and it is LEAGUES above the 426 for the track, I really cant even compare the two..I was never really happy with my 426 for the track, so if thats what you plan on doing with it you may want to re-think your choice. For the dunes on the other hand, KILLER bike and it never let me down.

For $2000 you should be able to find a 04+ 250F pretty easily, especially in NJ. Here on the westcoast where bikes are generally more expensive in my experience I can find 05 and 06 250s for 2500 any day of the week. If I could afford it id have a 250F for my track bike and my 450 for my dune/desert bike

ahh im starting to re-think now because ill mostly be doing mx track riding. i mean hard engine breaking is something im willing to get used to, but the bike now seems too heavy, but then again its got an awesome power to weight ratio. i think i might just have to get a yz250.

I LOVED my 01 yz250f as a lights class rider though. I still rode it alot like I rode a two stroke, and it didnt mind it. The 400 you really have to ride like a thumper.

FYI, I found my 400F for $1400 but I'm putting about $600 worth of work into it (bearings, tires, chain, etc). You guys are making me drool with these stories. I can't wait for it to go back together.

yeah, I got mine for $1200 a few months ago. But I had to put tires, re-work the carb, brakes, wheel bearings, fork seals, re-pack the exhaust, replace a few cables, lube everything.... so far :thumbsup:

I MX race my 98 400F. It does fine. Just make sure the jetting is cool. You would probably get more bang for your buck getting a 426 if you can find it. Similar price for a few years newer...

how does it compare to a modern 450f in mx?

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