cam chain hard to get on?

Hey that's cool...when he destroys the head you will send him a check to repair it.......Right? Just trying to save the kid some GREEN.....

A few weeks ago i swamped my bike, and got some water up into the head (crankcase breather) :usa:

so i pulled off the cam cover, and low and behold there was a bunch of water up in there. (milkey oil)

so i pulled out the cams, cam chain, and and gave everything i nice cleaning with some fresh oil.

I have NEVER done any kind of advanced engine work, nor have i pulled out the top end of a motor before.

i had the standard yami service manual, and did it all in about an hour.

checked and recheck the timing, put it all back together, and she fired up on the first kick :thumbsup:

so dont go scaring people into not doing their own work :busted:

its fun, its actually pretty simple, and as long as its timed right, your good to go :busted:

good luck dude :smirk:

With basic technical skills, the right tools, a reasonable level of literacy, and the use of some good sense, anyone can do the job. Just make it like the old carpenter's saying: "measure twice, cut once". Read the manual, read it again, understand how the system works, read it again, then do it step by step. It doesn't hurt to have someone who's done it around, though.

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