New Q Series Impressive

I really like this thing. I removed a Power Core 4 that I never repacked since new and added a new FMF Q Series. What a huge sound level difference. Finally rode it in the dirt today, and noticed no power change save a tiny bit better snap immediately off idle.

Everyone told me they could always tell when I was about to pass them with the Power Core installed. They could plainly hear me over their own engines. Now I am in stealth mode. They are hearing me when I'm not there, LOL, but usually can't when I actually am there unless I'm at or near full throttle.

No tests performed yet with a sound meter. I'll advise when I do.



Is this a new and improved version of the "Q"? Keep us posted when you get it tested!


Dan, Josh put one on his YZ. He is very happy with it too. :)

Dan did you recieve the photo I sent you of the mod. that FMF did on my Q? Also I bought me kid a 03 YZ250f and put a Q pipe on it before we ever rode it, Thats how much I like the Qs. These bikes haul butt, but they are also sickeningly loud. At the last aranacross we raced my ears rang for three days! "Forgot My Earplugs"

Going riding with AlexDexter today, he bought a new 450f in Canada yesterday. Found out He lives on the same road as me, Go Figure....



Yeah, I got the mod pics. Don't know if they do that on the new ones or not, but this is sure quiet. Haven't calibrated my ears lately, so I'll wait til the official first meter test and I'll post the results.



Did you get a new Q pipe to replace the PowerCore IV pipe, or did you keep your pipe and get the Q insert? I have a PowerCore IV installed now, and it is way too loud.

Looking for options....

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