Red Bud National Update.

This last weekend I flew from Portland to South Bend, Indiana, and went to the Red Bud National MX race. First I saw Roger Decoster in the airport, at first I just stood open mouthed and stared at him, then realized I couldnt possibly engage him in any significant conversation, as I had nothing to saw, other then Travis, and Windham, when and where will we see them next. Side note he's shorter than I thought. The plane in from Chicago was loaded with industry people.

We arrived in time to see the morning qualifiers. I believe Boniface who rides for KTM was leading a 125 qualifier and was the only 125 to try LaRoccos, leap. Not Bubba, not Reed, not one other 125 tried the Jump. You would have to see it to comprehend how insane this jump is, but I will attempt to put it into words. LaRoccos leap is one of the largest jumps on the whole National scene. You come out or a 180 degree left hand turn at the bottom up a steep hill, go straight up the hill to a steep, steep lip located about half way up the hill, here you have two choices double in and be safe with a single jump out, or go for the leap and triple. Sounds like no big deal, well the deal is if you triple you are jumping up hill and the angle of the hill and lip of the jump propel the bikes straight up, almost going farther up than out. The bikes literally reach a point where they dont look like they have any forward motion and fall out OF THE SKY FROM 20-30 FEET, maybe higher. Boniface did the jump 3 times landing extremely hard each time, on the 3 lap the landed so hard both wheel taco'ed (clown tire, what ever you want to call it) The front was so smashed the mechanics couldnt roll the bike back to the pits as the wheels where toast. Needless to say Boniface did not try that in he LCQ race, and ultimately DNF and didnt make the main. Reed ran away with the first moto, Bubba came from way behing to take 2nd and seemed faster then Reed but ran out of time. 2nd 125 moto, Bubba got up there with Reed, Reed ultimately crashed on lap 2 ending what was going to be the duel we've all been waiting for. Sellards rode strong, and Antunez did as well. Bubba was whipping the bike over so hard on the finish line jump his right foot was off the peg and scraping up the last foot of the face of the jump, before lanching sick whips to scrub speed.

250 action as expected Carmichael ran away from the pack, leaving Ferry to take 2nd in moto 1. Moto 2 was a repeat for Carmichael, except Ferry got a bad start and had to work hard to gain some spots, leaving Ramsey to take 2nd on the cr450f. Carmichael at the end of moto 2 with a large lead was doing flat whips over LaRoccos leap and seem to be the only 250 to have fun and play with this monster jump. All the other 250 guys could do it but many seemed to be landing so hard that it was more than bone jarring. The speed in the corners was the most amazing aspect of the race, the top riders are pinned, blowing up berms and ruts with incredible power. To be able to carve a turn like that would a dream. Overall it was an awesome day at the races, perfect weather, lots of interesting mullets, tattoos, & boobies to see between motos.

Next stop for me, Washougal. My home track.


I went to the Red Bud National in 99 and there is no doubt that is the most insane jump on the circuit. (with the exception of Henry Hill at Budds Creek which really is not a jump untill Doug made it one)

That year I saw a guy (some privateer) get a little to forward coming upon the face of the jump and about 30' high he jammed the rear wheel hoping to bring it down but it was too late. Face plant straight from the friendly skies.

All I could think was, beer, women, and carnage. Does it get any better?

Also, heres a great pic to give you a great perspective of LaRoccos leap.


nice pic mo milk

Video would be even beter ??? :)

Awsome report! thanks for the update...

Great report. I was there also.

Just to gove a bit more perspective on larocco's leap. I have ridden there. I was there this spring for an open ride. For me to clear the double out of the tripple on larroco's leap. I have my 99 yz400 pined in 4th gear. You cannot let off till you are in the air. Any less and you wont clear. Ive heard it can be done in 3rd but you must be dancing off the rev limiter. I prefer 4th. To clear the whole thing they gotta be in 5th. INSANE.

Great day of racing though :):D

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