Lost my tip! Pipe tip

Was out riding today and towards the end I realized that I lost the very end of my pipe. Don't know what its called but its the thing that slips inside and has a bolt to secure it.

99 WR400 and the exhaust tip had a GYT-r stamped on it. So what is it for? For noise or spark arrester?


Assuming you have a stock exhaust the part you lost is for noise reduction only and your spark arrester is still there. A couple of companies make them GYTR and Pro Billet being two of the most popular.

So running the bike without the tip is okay without having to adjust the jetting or anything?

The factory peashooter is very restrictive so if you were going from the factory set up to no insert I would say yes but the aftermarket units have about a 7/8” to 1” opening. I run my 02 with and without the Pro Billet insert with no trouble at all.

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