How is the red jd-jetting needle in action

Hi ,my -09 yz450f is pulling super well with my DMC-afterburner comp system

and R&D POWERBOWL , it has the stock setting needle and clip etc... the only

thing what i changed was the main jet from 160 to 165 ...i would like to know

can i experience some benefits from the red jd-jet kit needle compairing with

the stock one...its hot and humid here in thailand..:thumbsup:

I am living in Estonia on sea level, low-humidity and riding temps are between 45-75F or about 10-25C usually. I asked James what needle did he recommend for me. He told me that I should be running the red one in all these conditions as it is should give more crisp throttle response from the low RPMs.

Also, his kit suggests to use 170 main for my altitude. I asked James if this isn`t a bit rich as 165 main with stock needle is pretty much the right choice for my 08 YZ450F, but he said that his needles require a bit larger mains, so my guess is that the average diameter of his needles is larger then the stock ones.

I am going to install the kit somewhere in the january as our riding season usually starts in the middle of the march.

Yep ,i got the same info from him ,but changing the needle is an strugle

and since the stock one is working good i am a bit scared to go and screw it up. i do have his jet-kit in my draw but i woud like to be shure to make it

better if i go thru with the exchange..

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