Help with GPR stabilizer V4 on 2007 WR450

Has anybody had any problems with mounting a GPR stabilizer to their 2007 WR450f?

I purchased a new V4, and am mounting it to the stock triple clamp and stock fat bar.

When I tighten down the stabilizer to the top clamp, the stabilizer bottoms out on the GPR stearing stem nut. I have adjusted the pin, and followed the instructions. Am I missing something?

I shimmed the stabilizer with a flat washer, but now my fat bars are resting on the top of the stabilzer and I do not think this is correct.

Any help would be appreciated, my next step is to call GPR when they open.

From what you wrote, I take it that you have the submount? If so, you need to use a two small washers between the bottom of the sub mount bar holders and the top of the tripple clamps. This should fix your problem. If not then call GPR and see what they say.

Yep, I have the submount, and I did add a small washer to shim. Was just not sure if I did the right thing. I have a call into GPR, waiting to hear back. Thank you for the reply.

Same thing here, I got it all tightened up and couldn't move the bars. Foung that the stabilizer was clamped down on the nut. Put a washer under the bar mounts and all is well. But they should include instructions, or the washer. Anyway, it works just fine now.

Thank you for response!

GPR knows about this problem and will/should send you 2 aluminum washers to shim it off the triple tree. I have one of the first run V4's and they had me send it back to replace everything but the top plate on the stabilzer its self and also gave me the two shims too. They had issues with a supplier of the seals.

Just got off the phone with GPR, they are aware of the necessary shims, and sending them out in the mail.

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