Second Thoughts

Seems strange that just a handfull of 450s have been delivered and many have had problems. There should be ZERO problems with the starting system. There is absolutely NO excuse for clutch problems. I'm getting cold feet. :)

I have to agree with you on this one.I have own alot of bikes,and some have had there problems.But the YZs came out first you would think they would have fixed the clutch on the WRs. :)

I might have to look at orange? :D

"the YZs came out first you would think they would have fixed the clutch on the WRs"

Exactly. What were the boys in R&D doing???

R & D were probably too busy weighing everything to try to reduce the weight...


Touché! or they are in too much of a rush to get the bike out with not enough R&D

Current Dirt Rider had a short article on a Yamaha clutch fix. It amounts to boring a 3mm hole to 4mm in the inner clutch hub. It also went on about spring washers and other ways to make a fix. It sounds like the same problem in production. Yamaha must not belong to Thumpertalk.

You'd think $6395 would get you a clutch that didn't need to be fixed??? :)

I feel the clutch issue is minor and can be easily dealt with. The starter issue, however, is a major problem. If it broke and you could start the bike with the kicker it would still be bad, but atleast you could still get it back to the truck. From the sounds of things, the bikes have no spark (??) when that woodruff key gets sheared (??) and it won't even bump start. I can't imagine trying to tow a bike out of some of the places we get into. I hope these are isolated incidents and won't happen with all of the WR450's. I made the decision to stay with Yamaha this year but at the first sign of any major problems I'm headed to KTM. Yes, I'm a fair-weather fan. :):D

I agree with what you said, but that woodruff key problem has me worried. If I am going to pay (8299.00cnd) I don't want be worried about the bike.The reason I ride blue is than have been very reliable in the past.I don't know if I can stay true blue! :):D

I don't know what you guys are talking about with problems. I have 120 miles on mine so far and no problems at all. no clutch noises or starter problems. It handles jumps very nicely, even the big ones. A very well balanced suspension.

Concerns me too Adam. I am thinking maybe I was lucky that I didn't get the first WR450. I don't want to pay $6000+ for a bike that has serious problems. It amazes me how riders get treated so badly. When I buy a new car, I take it back to my dealer and expect them to handle at their expense, all the problems. Maybe I should take another look at the VOR.

The bike has a chatter noise like the KTM 4-strokes that goes away when pulled in. The engagement is very smooth and precise and I have no starter issues to report.

Once again I agree with you. I am certain, that I will put the money on the KTM tomorrow. Thanks TT, I know what I will do now. I debated from going to a diesel from a gas, and when I did I love my diesel truck now. So Now I try a KTM. Hope this works also.


When you are dealing with new models there will always be problems. When a major manufaturers develop a product, it is not tested by the public. It is tested by engineers and well respected riders. I would never complain or contradict Yamaha for any problems with a new bike. It is how they respond to the public when the same problems accur worldwide.. Yamaha is not Cannondale and they have the resourses to correct any problems.. This year I bought my second KTM, it is a 525exc. 30 miles into the bikes life I blew out both fork seals. By the second day my fancy handle bar switch for the computer fell apart. With in 300 miles the plate that holds my kick stand on broke off. KTM fixed everything.

It is the part of owning the latest and greatest motorcycle out there and it should be a possitive experience (even if you pay $8000)and it should not matter what brand you buy..

I believe if bike companies really want to be safe, they should let my wife ride one for month and anything that was under engineered they would know immediatly. If it can be broken she will break it.

Enjoy your new bike and be safe.


Man, I hate to jump ship, but... I have a bad feeling about the WR. I have very limited riding time during the season. I can't afford to be wrenching when I could be riding. KTM looks good right now. :)

Wow, have things changed in a week! It looks like I was lucky to be bumped down on the WR450 waiting list. My biggest concern is what owners report of the response they get from Yamaha dealers. It's almost like "well you bought it, its your problem". I will take another look at the VOR this week.

I am in the same boat very short riding season. I realize that new bikes will have some bugs that need to be worked out. But I am just not sure if I what to go through that Break'in period.:) Plus I planed on keeping this bike for a long time so I what it to be a good one.And some problems may be chronic i.e.,starter.

Well I guess I will just keep reading the forms for a little while longer.

You all <font color="orange"> "ORANGE secertly know <font color="orange">ORANGE what you want. Buy a bike <font color="orange">ORANGE that you will <font color="orange">ORANGE feel comfortable on. KTM has <font color="orange"> ORANGE been putting starters <font color="orange"> ORANGE on for years. Do what your <font color="orange"> ORANGE heart tells you <font color="orange"> ORANGE to.

This has been a subliminal message brought to you by me.

Is it working?


This is why never buy a bike on it's first year of a major redesign i alway's wait ,there's alway's issue's that need working out.

There is nothing MAJOR to work out. A few minor fixes and you have the most dominate offroader avaibable, IMHO.

I wouldn't jump ship quite yet guys.

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