wayne national forest

Hey TT can any one give me directions to Wayne National forest? I'm planning on going down there pretty soon and dont know where a good spot to camp is and I dont know where any trail heads are, I'm coming from cleveland, can anyone help me? THANKS!!!!!

thatsright, check this website,www.fs.fed.us/r9/wayne it gives you a list of place's to get a trail pass you get a map with it that has all the trailheads on it.The web site will also show all the trailheads and have all the rule's and regulation's on it.As far as camping goes the camp grounds aren't at the trailheads but i have seen people camp at the trailheads but i don't think they have any rv hookups at the trailheads just at the campgrounds.Which part are you planning on coming to?I'm assuming Nelsonville since your're coming from Cleveland i live in southern Ohio near the Ironton district if your're planning coming that far south let me know we can hook up and ride.

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