05 WR suspension re-valve limits?

Every suspension place I've talked to since I started asking has said to buy YZ suspension. Can the stock WR forks and shock not be made into YZ suspension? Is there more to it than just valving? My 05 suspension is getting professional attention in the Spring if I don't trade it in for a new bike. I'd like to have something close to MX suspension. Is that what I'll end up with after a re-valve? I have been over-riding it to the point that I've pretty much parked it. I ride it as agressively as it will let me go. Say I had it re-valved for an agressive "A" offroad rider, am I going to get something close to an MX suspension? I'm eye-ing the new CR450 pretty hard.

I don't see in your question what exactly you are looking for. Are you trying to make your WR suspension optimized for agressive mx track riding? The new wr suspension is different internally from teh regular yz stuff, but I had it done to work just right for my type of off road riding. You have to determine what type of riding you do, be honest as to your skill level, and have any reputable suspension company revalve/respring to fit your needs. If they are saying to get yz suspension components then you must be telling them you want to make your wr work at it's best on an mx track, and that you are a pro level rider.

To my mind, "mx" suspension settings are way stiffer than agressive off road settings in order to deal with the big jump hits. For off road you need compliant in the mid stroke, and progressively stiffer as you use up the stroke to prevent bottoming during the big off road hits.

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