Best power, minimal noise from White Bross

My brand new second hand (good ol' Ebay) E-series pro-meg with Vortip insert arrived last week. Fitted in an instance, and spent all day out on the Ridgeway on Sunday.

I am very impressed with the amount of additional low and mid range torque I get, but as some of you have stated, it was rather loud! Each time I passed through a village, everyone had heard me coming, finished their lunch, slowly walked outside and were leaning against the fence waiting for me to go past. That loud.

It didn't appear to need any changes of jetting - thanks again Taffy.

I started with 12 disks and the 180 heat shield, and ended up taking 5 disks off for about the same power and less noise. Has anyone got a suggestion for the best power to noise ratio. We don't have to use the spark arresters in the UK, so that is not a restriction for me.



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