airbox lid?

got a new wr400 in oct 2002 rode it a few times then hit a tree two days before christmas so still waiting for tendons/broken bits to start working properly,any way two question really does it make a differance if you take airbox/snorkel from top of a/box as i ride the uk some of the water crossing can be deep does it free the bike up without jetting issues and is it worth looking into the trailtech speedo,only i lost the glass cover on my yamaha one (bugger) and it still works just to rub it in,was thinking that a normal speedo might just fit like a dt -xt etc any ideas.

cant wait to get back out there it will be bloody summer soon >;-)) in england you know long hot balmy days (not)

You need to definitely take it off and simply monitor the drain plug.

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