new bike, new exhaust

ok i am new to this but im gettin a 09 450 in a few days and i already got a white brothers carbon pro ti exhuast for it and im wondering should i break my bike in with the stock exhaust or the aftermarket exhaust?

Use the stock one so that you can feel the difference after swapping the exhausts .

ok thats what i thought ..thanks

Use the stock one so that you can feel the difference after swapping the exhausts .
Good advice, but except for the reference, it matters not with which one the bike is broken in.

thanks gray

Why not just ride the bike stock and get used to it before you go pumping it up? It might not even need an exhaust! I would like to put money on that for your riding level (not that it is low, just not pro) the bike nearly stock would be more bike than what you need ... (except jetting and suspension setup possibly)

yah ill ride the bike stock for a bit to get used to it and then ill put the exhaust on it becuase im not used to the power of a 450

Im happy with the stock exhaust on my 08 450. The bikes got plenty of power. I came off an 05 250F that was all stock also. But I dont ride mine at the track either. Just trail riding.

i came off a ttr 230 haha its a big jump to a 450

haha Yea that would be a jump. Be aware that the yz450f (if you live in california) is red sticker.

I went from a '79 XR 250 to a '02 YZ426F that was one hell of a jump! I had brakes! Something that i didn't know of before and suspension travel! What a amazing concept! haha :thumbsup:

I live in canada...yah thats a jump haha

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