modified tailgate

I saw a Chevy truck that had a tailgate with two slots cut into it for motorcycle back tires so you can transport the bikes with the tailgate up. :)

Has anyone else seen this and do you know where I can get one? I have emailed Chevy but got no reply yet. It is not on their accessories list. May have been custom made.

I have seen a couple of these setups at races in Aus - I reckon you need a spare tailgate and a big angle grinder - some paint if you want to get fancy.

They look pretty trick but represent a fairly expensive modification.

The slotted tailgate is a good idea. I’d like to make or buy some sort of a step that mounts below the rear bumper, to help when loading and unloading the bikes.

THAT'S IT!!! Thank you. It has been bugging me for weeks.

Dan :)

All that stuff it has are great ideas but the only part I would actually buy is the tailgate and maybe built in ramp setup.

[ July 09, 2002: Message edited by: Dan Lawrence ]

That really is pretty cool - for the guy that has everything already I guess :) . I've got a "buddy ramp" on the back of my Chev -it works really good but is butt-ugly in comparison.

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