Most miles WR450 ?

I was just wonder if any of you guys out west or up north have put on a couple hundred miles or so on your new bikes. I know the weather hasn't be great north, but I have only about 20 miles on mine and can't help but wonder if the woodruff key last more than 100 miles. I hate to invite the post that might come asking this, but info is what TT is all about. I'll be putting on a lot of miles very soon so I'll know one way or the other. I've had no clutch probs yet.It feels a lot like my 250 which was fine. This bike so far is better than expected. Thanks.

Hey WR, How do you feel about the 450 as compared to the 250 you just sold? How about a good ride report, in tight woods? Does it turn well? How about low end power?

as of today I have 120 miles on my new bike and not a single problem. No clutch noise no starter problems no nothing. The bike has performed perfectly. I have had several people ride it and they all say it has the best suspension out of the box that they have have seen.

The mileage is both track and trails.

if you are speaking of woodruff key on the crank.. didn't they change this to a splined shaft when they did it for the yz in 2001?

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