Studding tires.......

Ok, went riding yesterday, as I havn't had the bike out in abour 7 weeks. Forks came back from MX-Tech, and I got all my new stuff on from the sponsors.

26 degrees, ice all over the track. Went down 3 times simply from losing the front end, even though I was sitting/standing on the rear fender. I guess it doesn't matter how far back you stand/sit on ice, it's not mud!

SO, with a race next weekend, (Hare scramble) and about 4" of snow still in the woods, snow coming down now, and surely some heavy ice out there (hasn't been above freezing - heck, even out of the 20's - in almost three weeks), I plan on studding an old pair of tires that I have around.

Any recommendations??

I was going to find a good length to allow about 1/2" of screw sticking out of the tread. SO, I need to run to Lowes, and buy a box of screws. Just curious to see if anyone studded their own tires, how long of a screw did they use, and any recommendations for the process.

I don't have 300+ dollars for a set of the home studding option is the way to go.

search this forum and you should find lots of info in the last few months. By the way use real ice screws, (Kold Kutters) or something similar as they are hardened and will last longer.

a couple of riding buds and myself were dicing all

day on my 1/4 mile ice oval on the lake.

being a ice and snow rider for many years now i had

the chance to experiment many set ups. i sure dont

want to use my razor sharp 800 $ tires for trail riding !!

cma / ama 1/2 inch gold screws work very well for the

grip but you may have to carry a driver and a bag of

spare screws for the rear. for trail riding i personaly

have a set studed with automotive type studs. these will

never tear off and give an amazing grip.

enjoy the snow !!!!

The methods described are for hardcore ice usage. Unfortunately if you dont set up your tires correctly with kold kutters or sheet metal screws they have a tendency to rip out after a few hours especially on trails with rocks. On lakes its OK but on regular trails you will be leaving these on the trail which will not look good when some Sierra Clubber stubs there Berkenstocks on one in the summer.

On my dual purpose XT350 I took the wheels with the tires installed on them to a local "old school" tire/repair shop that has a car tire stud installer (easier to install the studs with tire on rim.) It looks like a high speed drill and is somewhat labor intensive. We experimented on the right stud height and they studded my tires for $20.00 each (note: I went to them when it was 20 below and they don't have lots of work.) I wanted to ride the bike on the street so they installed enough studs so that I could control the bike on asphalt and had enough for ice and snow and ended up using about 100 on the rear and 125 on front. These studs have not pulled out with about 200 miles and the knobs are worn but still good enough. I just went on a ride where the trails were ice in the single trak and there was enough traction to go on those and on iced over creeks. The car studs are what Trellborg uses but are way too pricey.

I am so happy with this that I bought a used stud gun (new ones are over $300 and one company holds the patent) and am going to make myself a full on version for my WR and going to throw some studs on the bottom of my boots also cause I'm sick of falling on my butt walking on snow and ice and pulling the XT pig out of danger.

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