07+ Stator Talk

Lets talk about different stator options for the 07+ WR. My goal is to keep this thread on topic. Lets not discuss options that relate to the 400/426. So boys what are your thoughts?:smirk:

I know there are a few options and I will do my best to create links to each one

1) Baja Designs - Stator Mod (Floating the Ground)

2) Ricky Stator - High Output

3) Trail Tech - High Output

In the past I have done the Baja Designs mod but this time around I would like to try something different. I want to start doing some serious night rides with the option to run 1 or 2 HID lights as well as upgrade the bulb in my stock head light.

Has anyone rewound their stator or had it rewound? What do you think about the claims of Baja Designs vs Trail Tech?:thumbsup:

Aaron, my understanding is you get almost 120W out of the ground float of the stocker and about 100W out of the others.

I'm not really sure why you would want to buy a new stator when you can get baja's float stator mod kit for 40 bucks with a new regulator. puts out good power after being modded but I still don't think you can run two hid lights and the stock headlight too along with the ignition. I would be afraid to pull much more then 75 watts for the headlight . just because it will put out enough to run a 100watt light ,I dont think you should for fear of total system failure from overload. it would really suck walking 10 miles home in the dark.

Today I spent a fair amount of time talking with all three companies listed above. I did this in an attempt to better understand what makes a stator good.

When it comes to output, you need to compare out puts like you would compare apples to apples and oranges to oranges.

--For example - there are two types of output

---- Peak output - This is simple, the most power you can get at the highest rpm

---- Usable output - This is power that is left over after having gone through the rectifier/regulator and the bike is at idle

With this being said, Baja Designs claims that with the stock WR stator and their mod, one can expect 100 watts at "higher rpm." When asked what their power at idle was it was said, "around 35-40 watts"

Both Trail Tech and Ricky Stator claim 100 watts at idle with their peak power around 150 watts.

I will have more information in the next couple days:thumbsup:

After I f'd up my stock stator (always remember to tuck the wires BEHIND the bracket inside the case to avoid the spinning flywheel):usa: , I got the Trail Tech stator. So far, so good.:thumbsup :smirk:

And keep the info comming.:thumbsup:

Well guys, I finally picked up a set of dual 4in HID lights (Baja Designs Fuego).

Before the install of these lights, I was running the stock stator with a floated ground and a converted stock headlight to an HID (see this post)

At first glance, the stators look very similar however the Ricky Stator one is about a 1/4in thicker and has more windings around each post :worthy:

Before I swapped the stator with the Ricky Stator, Here is what I was getting at the battery before and after. (Please note that each bike and each stator will vary a little with volts. Throttle and idle will also affect reading)

Also, the only reason I went with Ricky Stator over Trail Tech is because they live about 5 minutes down the road from me and they are a sponsor:thumbsup: (I am sure Trail Tech offer just as good of product. In fact I think kenshaw720 and OUTERLIMITS have Trail Tech stators in their WR's)

Stock stator w/ floated ground and Baja Designs reg/rec

  • Idle - 13.4 volts
  • Idle - One HID (35 watts) - 13.0 volts
  • Idle - Two HID (35 watts each) - 12.54 volts
  • 1/4 Throttle - Two HID - 12.75 volts

Ricky Stator and Ricky Stator reg/rec

  • Idle - 12.8 volts
  • Idle - One HID - 12.7 volts
  • Idle - Two HID - 12.4 volts
  • 1/4 Throttle - No HID - 14.1 volts
  • 1/4 Throttle - One HID - 14.0 volts
  • 1/4 Throttle - Two HID - 13.8 volts

Here are some pictures of the stators side by side as well as the reg/recs. I also took some pictures of the install.







This is the Ricky Stator stator


I replaced my stock WR stator with a Ricky Stator and the only problem I had was that I used the stock bolts to mount the stator onto the cover. I later realized that I needed the longer bolts seeing as the Ricky Stator is thicker. I realized I needed the longer ones when I took the cover off to replace the gasket (I accidentally cut up the stock one during removal). The shorter stock bolts started to back out, luckily I caught it before it became catastrophic. Called RS and they sent out the longer ones asap.

More info to come, just got off the phone with Trail Tech and I will be testing their stator and reg/rec setup as well. :lol:

My goal is to get some reading for each combo:

  1. Stock Stator w/ floated ground and Baja Designs reg/rec
  2. Trail Tech Stator and reg/rec
  3. Ricky Stator Stator and reg/rec

My plan is to get:

  • At idle reading w/ not lights
  • 1/4 throttle reading w/ no lights
  • At idle w/ one HID
  • At idle w/ two HID
  • 1/4 Trottle w/ one HID
  • 1/4 Trottle w/ two HID

If you guys have any other requests/questions for certain voltage readings let me know and Ill test those as wells :worthy:

this is good info. im converting my 08 yz450f to the wr charging system. i want to be able to run a single 35 watt headlight a fuel pump and microsquirt as ill be attempting to convert it to fuel injection. i need as many watts as possible

Aaron, I'm interested in the numbers you get from your Trailtech stator. On my '08 I'm getting:

static battery voltage @ 12.58

idle @ 13.67

idle w/single hid on @ 13.28

So the Trailtech stator is easily charging at idle with the hid on, but would like to know where you stand with both your lights on at idle and if it still charges the battery at idle or if not, how much throttle does it take. Please list your initial battery voltage with the bike off.

Aaron, I'm interested in the numbers you get from your Trailtech stator.

10/4...Im out of town this weekend. Ill wash my bike and start testing early next week.

Hey Coop Dawg,

I gave you some gas (added to your reputation) for all the work you are doing here. Thanks for the photos. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Ill wash my bike and start testing early next week.

Ok so I'm a week behind and I did not wash my bike...yet:bonk:

Anyways, I tested the Ricky Stator tonight and then pulled it out of the bike. Test results will come Monday morning after I get done testing the Trail Tech tomorrow and the Stock Stator on Sunday.

Here are some comparison pictures of the three stators:

Stock Stator - IMHO has the cleanest windings. It also seems to have the same gauge wire as the Ricky Stator


Trail Tech Stator - Has the biggest gauge wires and the cleanest winding when it comes to after market stators for the WR (that I have seen/tested) It also shares the same size core as the stock stator


Ricky Stator - Has the thickest core (stock and trail tech stator core are the same thickness) of the three stators. It also has the ugliest windings.



Here is a side shot of the three stators...as you can see, the Ricky Stator is a lot thicker


Here is a top view of the three stators


Here is a side by side shot of the Stock Stator and the Trail Tech Stator


Here is a side by side shot of the Trail Tech Stator and the Ricky Stator


Before I start with the results, let me say that I think all three stator option have their place...no one stator does it all:thumbsup:

Alright here are the final results for the testing I did on the three stators listed above in my original post.

***Please note that these tested were all done on the same bike (08). Idle speed will vary from bike to bike and voltage readings will be affect by this. I hope in some way, this thread/post will help someone along the ways make a somewhat informed decision on which way to go when it comes to stator power. :worthy:

1) Stock Stator w/ Baja Designs reg/rec:

This option would be my first recommendation for anyone that wants to convert their bike to DC and/or run 1 HID. For $80 bucks (if you have BD do the mod) you will have everything you need. As you can see from the test results and the pictures above, the stock stator just doesn't produce enough power to power much more than one HID. (Baja Designs told me the stock stator w/ floated ground can run both HID's but the rpm's need to be keep in the upper range...:banana: )

2) Ricky Stator:

This option is a catch 22 for me. Price wise it comes in at $150 (that includes the reg/rec). It definably puts out the most power of the three stators which was evident from the tests as well as from the pictures. The down side of this stator is it does not produce any power at idle. However, it doesn't take much of anything to get power so running two HID's at 1/8 of throttle is no problem. If I was racing and wanted to power 2+ HID's and or a Helmet Light, this would be the stator I would pick. :banana: :banana:

3) Trail Tech Stator:

This stator option falls right in between option one and two. You can idle with 1 HID (unlike the RS) and you can run two HID at slow speeds (unlike the stock stator). Trail Tech also has some amazing quality with their product. :banana:

Final Call

If I had pick a stator option again, I would basis on what my needs were:

  • One HID Only - Stock w/ Float Ground
  • Two HID's Only/Close to idle - Trail Tech
  • Two or more HID's - Ricky Stator


Question: I've been looking at this bike as an option. Is it really necessary to upgrade the stator if you plan to stick with the stock headlight, add rear brakelight ( no turn signals though). I would mainly just ride road to connect trails etc...



it really necessary to upgrade the stator if you plan to stick with the stock headlight' date=' add rear brake light[/quote']

Nope you will be fine if that is all your doing :worthy:

Nope you will be fine if that is all your doing :worthy:

thanks for the reply!

Nope you will be fine if that is all your doing :busted:

Since you are the Stator expert I have a question. I have an 05 wr450 with a Baja Designs kit. The Head light now runs off the Baja D plug, not the stock one. The bike has the headlight, turn signals, stock wr rear light wired to be the brake light, and a garmen GPS. Is this enough to make the stock stator not charge the battery? I road the crap out of my bike and the Battery is still dead as a door nail. I throw the battery on the charger at home and its fine.

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