WR steering Dampner


I hear some guys say that the WRs are stable and don't headshake and therfore don't need a streering dampner. My reason for shopping for one is I ride eastern style, rocky, tree root, tight trail. I thought the dampner might take that jolt out of sharp impacts. Am I mis-informed? I am considering several mods for rough terrain riding and to dampner was going to be first, but I'd welcome your opinions. New bike is an 07 WR 450. Thanks.


A stabilizer will defiantly help out a lot. It will allow you to go faster. I tend to notice it most at the end of the day and im tired and i make the most mistakes and it kicks in and saves me...be warned...once you ride with it you will never ride with out one:thumbsup:

as for which one...well that is like asking which girl is hotter....you will always get a different answer!

I have only used a GPR and i love mine...



A steering DAMPER will be worth its weight in gold in rough terrain, as well as in faster sections. I bought a set of flexx bars, with the elastomer shock absorbers in them, and they help in nasty sections as well. Less vibration makes its way to the hands with them. The Damper will help the bar from getting yanked out of your hand, and the flexx bars will help more with impact from big hits.

I started on a DRZ and put a scotts damper on it. Its nice to laugh when you hit a tree and glance off it.

When I bought my WR I made them order a scotts damper mount kit and roll it into the loan... thats how much I love mine. I've seriously never rode my WR without it (other than a few loops around the yard.)

I never thought I needed one either until I road my buddies bike that has a Scotts damper on it. What a difference in the fast chop and rocky sections. Setting up your suspension goes a long way but the damper gives you a noticably nicer ride.

Scotts Damper = Improved Control and Less Fatigue.

A new damper it is. Thanks for the replies.


Unless things have changed, Scotts is the ONLY unit that only dampens AWAY from center. The others dampen in both directions making them slower to come back to center. My 02 426 has one and it’s saved by sorry butt probably more times than I know!

I have a scotts on my 07 wr 450 riding in Baja. It needs it works great.

+2 on the scotts damper!!



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