Hebo juice clutch failures

Has anyone had problems with the Hebo Juice clutch? I remember Dan Lorenze did in the Nevada 1000. Just wondering what common problems I may face with it.

Court, The problem I had with my clutch was that the o-rings would go out and then the thing would leak. Also, the way that the clamping nut would go on to the cable would either fray (s?) or slip off. When I first got it I loved it!! It's just one of those things that are really nice to have but it comes with a price, I seriously rode at least 200 miles with no clutch that race and vowed never to put it back on. I hope you have better luck than I did. Good luck!!!


Riding 1000 miles straight has a tendency to accelerate any issues that a trail racer might never uncover.

1400 miles of baja pretty much ate my bikes lunch too.

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