WR450 Follow-up

Rode the bike today for the first time on the trails. The only thing stopping this bike from being the best bike ever is the jetting. Everything is way lean. I will be upping the pilot and main jet as well as turning down the accelerator pump. The pipe turned blue all the way to the heat shield and would not start without cracking throttle open or using choke. I did turn up fuel screw to 3 turns without any noticeable improvement. The bike still starts as easy with the kick starter as any bike I have ever owned two or four stroke. The power is awsome and very linear. I really dont need the grey wire mod but will probaly do it anyway in the name of MORE POWER.

I posted last night under my old username (Tripp Volz) and to follow up on ?'s the odometer is no longer residing on the bike and the stock tripple clamp has bolt holes on the bottom for brackets to bolt too.(2 not 3)

I really want to see some other post on jetting and I will post my results soon. The bike acts just like a lean 03 450 exc and I suspect the same approach will make the Blue Beast Rock.




Do you have starter problems, and do you have clutch problems? How about a ride report! Are you satisfied with the bike? I have heard so much negatives in the last 2 days I am getting concerned.

I started not to post , as I read this thread, then I decided, since you have been pounced on for some of the posts you have done, that I would say, I am going ORANGE due to what I have read on TT today. Was close to going Orange anyway, butt I am sure now. KTM450EXC $6750 + tax here I come.

I wanted to give you info on the jetting issues that you are having. You are not alone! The WR450 is definately to lean for about any elevation, stock I am in Colorado and working on getting the jetting correct I am finding the exact issuses as you describe. My pipe is blue now and the only way to get the bike started with the magic button is with some choke and also hot button. This is not a unusual problem but a little more Hi Tech then most. What a Carb. on these bikes, there is alot to them.

Let me know how it goes. I am taking another look at the VOR450EN.

Save an American, Buy a Dale! :)

Was that a Chip n Dale ?

What jetting did your bike come with standard

Regarding the pipe going blue is normal as it is Titanium

EXACTLY. The head pipes are titanium, so they will glow a lot faster, and more noticeable. Don't judge jetting on that. I rode a friends WR yesterday, and you're right the pilot jet is too lean. Maybe a notch lower on the needle would help also. I wasn't able to ride it at top speed to test the main jet.

The bike has a #150 main, #45pilot and #DUT needle. I have had numurous Ti pipes on both road race and dirt bikes and the puppy is definately way lean regardless of pipe. I can not imagine that this needle has enough taper to justify such a small main jet. While the bike has good power you can feel the effects of lean jetting across the board. The problem is worse on starting and off idle throttle response but I will first try #48 pilot with #155 main jet . If this does not work I will probally start trying more conventional needle and jetting ideas that I have used on previous EXC and YZ/WR bikes that I have owned. My current 02 400 EXC has a #48 pilot with #168 main and EMN needle. This is the leanest of all the current four strokes I have and I dont hold much promise for the WR with this current needle jet combo.

Please dont reply with a bunch of negative thoughts as I feel after only one ride that this is an awesome bike. The handling was fantastic (the ground yesterday was thawing muck and the WR never put a wheel Wrong). The stock suspension felt great without ever touching one adjuster. I am 210#'s and an average B rider in hare scrambles and my buddy who is same weight and a good A rider both liked the suspension out of the box. After riding the bike and cleaning it up we took sag measurements and found the rear with only 80mm a race sag. I will only be setting sag corectly and leaving the rear alone for now. The front forks were typical yamaha stiff but came into their own quicker than any previous ones. I have owned them all from 98 on. The front just seems to need a little more rebound (three clicks softer) and compression maybe one or two clicks softer.

After sorting the jetting I expect a long Very Happy relationship with this bike. To everyone with a starter problem I feel for you but I have nothing negative to report at this time. Mine turns the bike over just fine and only the jetting is giving me any starting problems.

WOW, That is the exactly the same clicker adjustments I did to the front forks on Charlieb's bike. I like the forks the way they are, and I will stiffen the shock up on mine when it shows. It seems like they made the rear a little too soft, 5.2 kg spring. I may go with a 5.4 or 5.6. This will make the front forks feel softer. I may go up from the stock 4.6kg fork springs to 4.7's to balance it out.

BTW, good plan for the jetting.

Thanks for the post. Its more fun to read about fine tuning these babies,than setting around waiting for the bike to show up. Although after picking my bike up Sat. it seems well worth the wait.

Everyone is reporting lean settings, yet the first thing people typically do is "open" it up, which means removing the intake snorkel and exhaust baffle. This would only worsen the problems. If lean settings can cause a backfire condition at start-up, then sounds like we are going to have alot of broken woodruff keys?

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