starter for 04

my starter has taken a complete crap. it makes this crazy squealing noise (like a pig is caught in the gears) and won't hardly turn the motor over. i thought it might be jammed so i pulled the starter clutch cover off, pulled out the gear, hit the starter and got the same noise.

i'm pretty sure that battery is good (charger says it's good), so any other thoughts on if it might be something else?

if not, anyone have any thoughts (other than the dealership) where i can get a new one without getting hosed? one has replaced a starter...!?!?!

OK, I will reply. Could be that a bearing has given up the ghost. There have been several upgrades to the starter from 2003-2009. Dealer is the only ball game for a new starter. Ensure that they give you the latest part number replacement. Some on ThumperTalk have actually successfully rebuilt the starter. You can do a search, it was however, several years ago. You might take it to a competent auto electric shop and see if they can rebuilt it. It is a pricey part, approx. $209.00. Check, you will have to call them, their on-line ordering system for Yamaha parts is down. Check the ThumperTalk Parts Store also.

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