07/08 yz450f actual weight?

i've searched the forums but haven't had much luck in finding the actual weight of either.i think this is pretty much going to be the deciding diffence between buying a yzf or kxf as my next woods bike.i've found two comparable bikes but will be having to buy sight unseen and won't be able to ride the kxf and yzf back to back to actually compare:foul: ...thanks .i swear i've been so torn with deciding...had great lucks with all the yamahammers,but i sure see alot of the green bikes at all the gncc and local scrambles,i've also heard the yzf's don't like to turn and handle as well as the kxf's.:thumbsup: anybody have a yzf i could try next weekend around asheville:lol:

I live in New Bern and I would let you try my 06 out. All I did to get mine to turn was raise the forks too 10mm's in the clamps, sag at 98mm and get my suspension done by Total Control and the bike turns fine. Before this bike I had a 06 KX450F and that bike was a piece. You haven't rode a horrible turning bike until you rode the 06 KXF, nothing I did could make that bike turn.

I don't know the numbers but I would guess that the weight is close enough between the two that it shouldn't be a deciding factor in which bike to buy. Get the one that feels most comfortable.

well thats the thing,nobody around here has either,except for a few motorcrossers,plus all my riding buds swear by ktm, you could have a bike thats weighs half of what there katooms weigh...make twice the power and they'd still swear by em:lol: ....owner loyalty a suppose.don't get me wrong the orange bikes are nice,but man are they expensive to ride after they get a year or two old.

like someone above said, weight will be close enough to where it shouldn't even be a deciding factor. I'd say go with the yz, specially if it's an 08.


2008 219 lbs

2007 220 lbs

The manufacturers like to go back and forth between dry weight and wet weight. Some sites do not include gas and some others do. I found this one of the magazine stites. I think it was dirt rider.

Bike 2009 YZ450F

Claimed Dry Weight

Claimed Wet Weight 238

Actual Weight (No Gas) 228

Actual Weight (Tank Full) 240

Fuel Capacity 1.85

Keep in mind a dry weight is with nothing. A gallon of gas is 6 pounds, Plus oil and coolant to keep in mind.

2009 Honda CRF450R is 235 but it has a smaller tank at 1.5 gal.

2009 RM-Z450 is 247 but the tank is 2.1

I found the KTM has some very heavy bikes when I was doing the research.

The KX has a crub weight of 247. I do not know if that includes gas, you might want to download the manual and see what it says.

Good Luck

thanks for all the quick responses.i was figuring they were within a few pounds of each other.i was hoping thatone would be atleast 5-10 lbs heavier which would help with my final decision...not the case it looks like.back to sq. one

...not the case it looks like.back to sq. one

...in which case bag the Kawi because green bikes are gay. That is my experienced and non-biased opinion. :thumbsup:

The KX has a crub weight of 247. I do not know if that includes gas,

Curb weight is generally the weight in a rideable condition, usually with a half tank of fuel. The static weight of the bikes is much less important (until they are laying on their side) than where the weight is, and how it affects the way the bike feels under way. The '06 YZF is 2 pounds lighter than the steel '05 was, but it feels 40 pounds lighter when you're moving.

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