The Knolls Video - 1/26/03

A group of us were at the Knolls in Utah today. The weather was awesome and the riding was great! Check out the videos at MotoUtah.Com . The video is in three parts.


seems to be unavailable.

You have a bandwidth restriction. This is the error I get

Temporarily Unavailable

The Tripod page you are trying to reach has exceeded its hourly bandwidth limit. The site will be available again in 2 hours!

Thank you!

Man. I just upgraded the site so it could exchange more data. The files are large, so I can see that it would suck the life out of my bandwidth.


No Worries,

How big are the files?

Very Cool,

Enjoyed the odd spill there too ...

What a great place for jumps !!!!!!!

Are you using Paddle tyres?



No paddle tires. The dunes are pretty packed since it is winter. Thanks for the input.


Great videos! Where's the sound??


Your site is still down. I have been checking since about 2100 last night to present. I will check back later. Thanks................db

ya, great videos, nice place to ride,

but there's no sound?


Great vids.

I sure would like to be able to make videos like that. Mabye someday I will catch up with technology and figure it out.

My microphone has a short. I am going to replace before the next ride to catch some sound.


Cool videos blackie. Just out of curiosity what was the bike that disappeared out of sight in the second vid? Was it really that fast or did you let off? That place looks like you're riding on the moon.


That was a WR426. My YZ450 tops out at ~50 MPH. Both the WR426 and YZ426 pulled away from me. It is a difference of 4 gears vs. 5 wide ratio gears.


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