Where can i get a 42-45 rear sprocket?

been searching around but i cant seem to find a small sprocket for my 06 WR.

Im going smaller cos i do alot of Ds rides and bring the rpm down will make things much easier on the motor.

Any ideas?

Try JT sprokets. They only come in steel thou i went yo a 36 on my o4 cause i kept bending them on rocks

36? Holy mother... is it even rideable still?

Checked the site. smallest they do is a 48...

unless i could go up to a 16 front.. hrmmmm doubt if it would fit

16 fits on my 06 wr. I've done a season with it with no problems. It's real tight though.

Sorry my bad I used a 46. You can get JT steel sprockets from tucker rockey from 39-53 tooth.


i think sunstar makes a 42 or 43

i cant remember since i havent had my sumo tires on in 3 months

vortex has 39-54 sizes for the rear

vortex has 39-54 sizes for the rear

have they got a url? do they ship world wide?

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