i think a mad a boo-boo?need answer before to late!!!!!!!!!! :bonk:

well here is the senareo. i bought tires of motorcycle superstore, long story short can i mount a tubeless tire on my stock xr400r 18 wheel? the tire size is 130/80-r18 it is a king KT-932 tire any help before it is all ready shipped would be awsome!

im going to say no, but im sure there is someone that knows a way how to!

I wouldnt recommend it though because of the lower tire pressure that you tend to ride with in an off road environment. but why not install it with a tube any way?

You should be able to mount it, just add a tube.

from what i have read on other forums i just gotta ad tube sense its gunna be a street houligan the low pressure is noy an issue sense it will be a street pressure

any one else got any 2 cents?

Yup if its a raidial tire it will rub holes in the tube.why not just get the proper tire.xx

if you must have that particular tire then you can get a radial tube for it I think

I have 2 X 17" Radial tubeless tires on my bike mounted with tube , there is nothing to worry about.

Most spoke wheels "cannot" be tubeless anyway.

I've used a tubeless tyre (with a tube) on my rear wheel for years (I use a Michi X11). It works just peachy. I also use an ultra-heavy duty tube which does seem to wear a bit (it looks pretty scuffed when I've had the tyre off to replace it (every 22 months or so) - but hey I'm on my second tyre in 3 years and I'm still on the same inner tube so it can't be all that bad.

Because I run very low pressures I used to get tyre-creep (sounds like a description of one of the apprentices at my local bike shop), but I fixed that with an extra rim lock and some self-tapping screws. Actually the screws probably weren't necesary but I did not want to keep breaking the bead after every ride just so as to re-align the tube.

Meat (trials tyres ROCK) bomb........

thanx all

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