Local Hero Mx Jersey Pictures?

It would just be more reasonable for him to go with HOLESHOT. Being there on the east coast and cheaper. i was not trying to cut anyones bussines. Just giving a suggestion

I'm glad he did give me the tip anyways. Idk if it was cheaper, what are LH's like $20 each? i got two jersey's done so that would be what $40 if my math is correct and what $10 shipping maybe? i paid $64 for mine, 3 color lettering to boot. if my math skills are up to date $64 is more than $40 so i disnt take the cheaper way out and im not ragging on LH. i think they do some really nice work but i got to talking with G. Wozney and he said he would get them done up fast for me and he hooked me up with something else. its those little things that make people pick one over the other, not price. i mean LH looks nice and Hale's #117 jersey looks pretty sweet with the metallic red but what made me change my mind was the amazing customer service and the fact that i liked Holeshot's font styles more than LH's. looking at LH's nothing really jumped out at me, yeah i few were cool but when i looked at Holshot's i was like HOLY S%*T thats the style i was dreaming of! i know you said the owner of LH would work with me but from my point of view Holeshot's customer service, styles, colors, price, the hook up, east coast (get my gear back faster), those things are what hooked me. to tell you the truth shifter, i was about ready to order my lettering from LH but then i saw Holeshot. im not saying they stink or anything. they are cheap and many people have said really good things about them but not everyone likes the same things. that why some people pick honda and some yamaha, some FMF and some Dr.D. its just how life is and im sorry if it sounds like im giving LH a bad name because im not.

As promised here is the jerseys (For more pics look at the holshot jersey lettering topic)



i think they are the sickest looking jersey's ever!!!!!!

those are nice looking jerseys

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