stock digital speedo

While riding my 07 Wr 450 on Saturday "I lave this bike by the way" I was on a fast road section in 5th and I decided to look down to see how fast I was going. The speedo said I was going 130. I didn't think it was right so I slowed down and gassed it to see what the speed would do. It would jump like 10 miles an hr at a time. Has anyone had this type of problem, not a big deal just as long as milage reads right. I like to know how far I have gone, especially when doing the Idaho 100. Any fixes or Ideas?

Just a thought but are you sure it is set on miles and not kilometers?

Any chance it jumped into kilometer mode instead of miles?

Sorry, Kenshaw types faster than I do.

Thats a good thought, I will check and see if it was switched. Thanks guys:worthy:

anybody need one:excuseme:

:thumbsup: Just checked the speedo and it was on kilometers instead of MPH :usa: Thanks again for the help :smirk:

I did the same thing by accident. Held the A/B selector down too long and it switched to kilometers. I couldn't figure out why my normal 50 mile loop turned into 80. :thumbsup:

anybody need one:excuseme:

Extra weight. It helps to keep the front end on the ground. Well, I guess I need more weight (see avatar)

Extra weight?

That and the "stupid" wheels I got wont work with it:banghead:

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