Rampart Range Road

Does anyone know if the trails are back open after the fire there, or how much damage there was?

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Haven't been up there to check, but by the looks of the damage on the maps, most of Rampart should be intact. Who knows when it will be open tho, last I heard the forest service will not reopen Pike forest until the monsoons come.

Thanks endozen! That site has tons of good information! Unfortunately, the news doesn't sound very promising! My hubby was wanting to go back out there this week-end. I guess he will just have to suffer at home with me! :)

I think we're pretty much all suffering from the after effects of the fires. There is still plenty of riding to be had, you just have to go further into the mountains, Taylor Park area etc.

Does anyone know if ANY of the Rampart trails were "destroyed" by the fire? I've seen some of the maps of the fire...but cant really understand their location with respect to the rampart trails.

E.g. I heard thru the grapevine that half of one of my most favorite trails out there (Noddle trail) was overtaken by the fire. Is this true?

Thanks in advance.


The local news folks teased us with the comment that Pike's Natl. Forest could be reopened in a couple of weeks...if we get enough rain. In an interview last night with a Forestry Service rep, they said they would not open the forest until all mop up had been completed. That has got to take more than 2 weeks. :)

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Thanks for the info. Do you know if there is anything on the web that would give any information on that area? The "official" Rampart Range site isn't all the helpful.



Endozen, another question! The Fire Service website said that the whole Pike National Forest was closed. You mentioned "Taylor Road", is this in the Pike Forest? Can a person still ride there? I guess I am just not familiar with their rules! :)

Gayle- The Taylor Park area lies roughly between Buena Vista and Gunnison/Crested Butte. I believe it is part of the San Isabel National Forest and is not affected by the Pike National Forest closure, although campfire ban is in place. I did a National enduro in that area back in the early 90's, it was tough but fun- was only a 200C rider at the time. Have heard from others that the trails in that area are epic. Figure an additional 2-3 hours travel time from Rampart area if you go over Cottonwood Pass, or 4-5 additional if you go the smoother route through Gunnison.

Larry- I can't really tell from the forest service maps either, although it appears some trails southeast of Deckers may have been affected. There was a fun loop in that area that went down to Trout Creek(I think that's what it is called) that was probably burnt. But maybe not, the Forest Service did a prescribed burn west of the trout creek trails last year which may have halted the damage from the Hayman fire. I'm anxious to get back up there to see, as I'm sure you are too.



According to the owner of a local 4WD shop, the trails between Divide & Deckers (Longwater, Hackett etc) got roasted. I have heard no real word on the trails further North/East.

Murfman was studying this pretty close, maybe he knows something more detailed.

Thanks everyone!

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